Get to know various types of coffee beans from all over the world

Get to know various types of coffee beans from all over the world

Get to know various types of coffee beans from all over the world


Get to know various types of coffee beans from all over the world

Coffee is one of the drinks favored by many people around the world. In fact, this drink has become a considerable part of the modern lifestyle. You can now find coffee shops anywhere. The coffee served is also various types. If you are not a connoisseur of coffee, it may be difficult to memorize various kinds of coffee and their differences. Like tea, coffee is grown in various parts of the world. Therefore, there are many types of coffee beans that are produced with different characteristics.

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In general, coffee beans are divided into two types based on plant species. The two types are Arabica coffee beans and Robusta coffee beans. However, from each species of coffee plant there are still a variety of derivative variations. Like humans born in the same species, each person has its own characteristics based on ethnicity, nation, or place of birth. Likewise with coffee beans. What are you waiting for, please refer to the various types of coffee from all over the world below.

Arabica coffee

Arabica coffee beans are the most common type and are used for making coffee. About 70% of the coffee sold on the market today is a type of Arabica coffee bean. This plant grows most in the central and eastern African continents, the southern American continent, and the southern and southeast Asian continents. These coffee bean producing countries have a tropical and subtropical climate.

Characteristics of Arabica coffee

Arabica coffee is believed to be the best quality coffee. Because, Arabica coffee is more difficult to process and process. Besides being very sensitive to changes in temperature, this plant is easily attacked by pests and diseases. So, the yield in the year is less than Robusta coffee.

Arabica coffee must also be handled very carefully. This coffee bean has a slightly elongated and flat shape. Compared to Robusta coffee beans, Arabica coffee beans are somewhat larger in size. In addition, the texture is finer compared to Robusta coffee beans.

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Taste and aroma of Arabica coffee

Because of the higher content of sucrose or sugar in Arabica coffee, you can feel for yourself that this coffee tastes rather sweet and sour. The aroma is also fragrant like a mixture of flowers and fruits. Arabica coffee contains caffeine at 1.2% so that after brewing it feels soft, not too thick. This is why most coffee served in cafes, restaurants or famous coffee shops usually uses Arabica coffee beans.

Example of Arabica coffee

This coffee is found in many parts of the world. Some well-known examples of Arabica coffee are Ethiopian coffee, Kenya, Toraja, Sumatra, Mandailing, Java (from coffee plantations in the Ijen Crater area, East Java), Papua New Guinea, Colombia, and Brazil.

Robusta Coffee

Unlike Arabica coffee, the types of Robusta coffee beans are not widely produced. This coffee species is widely grown in the western African continent, Southeast Asia, and South Asia. However, some countries that produce Arabica coffee also grow Robusta coffee.

Characteristics of Robusta coffee

This plant is easier to grow and maintain compared to Arabica coffee plants. This coffee can even be planted on a land that is not too high with a changing temperature. Within a year, Robusta coffee plants can produce more coffee beans than Arabica coffee. The shape of the seeds is round and somewhat denser than Arabica coffee beans. The size of the Robusta coffee beans is also smaller and the texture is slightly rough.

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The taste and aroma of Robusta coffee

The distinctive taste of Robusta coffee is thick and somewhat bitter. Because the caffeine content is higher than Arabica coffee, which is up to 2.2%. The taste and aroma of this coffee is very strong, similar to chocolate, black tea, and nuts. After being processed into drinks, some types of fragrant Robusta coffee are somewhat like wood. Usually Robusta coffee is used as an instant coffee ingredient.

Example of Robusta coffee

Indonesia produces many types of Robusta coffee beans. Some examples of Robusta coffee from Indonesia include Lampung, West Java, Bali, Flores and Bengkulu coffee. Civet coffee also comes from the Robusta coffee plant, but there are also those originating from Arabica coffee plants. Robusta coffee from other countries, for example, is India, Vietnam, Jamaica, and Uganda.


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