Get to know Mahogany seeds and a myriad of benefits for health

Get to know Mahogany seeds and a myriad of benefits for health

Get to know Mahogany seeds and a myriad of benefits for health


Get to know Mahogany seeds and a myriad of benefits for health

Most Indonesians may be familiar with mahogany or mahogany. Mahogany is widely used as household furniture, such as tables, chairs, cabinets, and others. However, do you know that besides wood, mahogany seeds also have a myriad of health benefits.

What are mahogany seeds?

Mahogany seeds are found in mahogany fruit. It is classified as an economical health tonic with benefits equivalent to a combination of ginkgo biloba and ginseng.

Not all countries have this mahogany plant, because mahogany trees (swietenia macrophylla) only grow in countries that have tropical rainforests, most of which are Asia Pacific countries such as Indonesia, Malaysia, Fiji, Honduras, and Solomon.

Mahogany fruit has its own uniqueness from the way the fruit hangs on a tree, because almost all fruits hang down but the mahogany fruit hangs up and the stalks point toward the sky, so western countries call it the sky fruit. /p>

The content contained in mahogany seeds

Mahogany seeds contain various chemicals that are very beneficial as health. At least 3 main ingredients found in mahogany seeds have a large contribution to health, such as:

1. Flavonoid

Flavonoids are phenolic compounds that contain many plant pigments. In addition to mahogany seeds, flavonoids are also found in ginkgo biloba and tongkat ali. Flavonoids are beneficial for humans, especially because they are antioxidants that can destroy free radicals and poisons and can boost immunity. Antioxidant enzymes in the content of mahogany seeds are effective in fighting various diseases that are directly or indirectly caused by oxidation, such as buildup of bad fat (LDL), high blood pressure and heart problems. The health benefits of flavonoids are explained as follows:

  • Improve blood circulation
  • Prevent the onset of atherosclerosis
  • Prevent fat buildup in blood vessel walls
  • Reduces blood cholesterol levels
  • Reduces the risk of coronary embolism
  • Encourages the production of antibody substances that can help prevent tissue inflammation
  • Relieve pain, stop bleeding, and reduce symptoms caused by external injuries
  • Get rid of excessive free radicals in the body
  • Preventing oxidative reactions in the body

2. Saponin

Saponins are glucose that form a soap foam if mixed with water. This is a natural soap that comes from plants and is known to have hypoglycemic properties when taken orally. We can also find saponins in ginseng, but the saponin content in mahogany seeds is higher. Saponins function to treat diabetes mellitus, the hypoglycemic effect of saponins is even stronger than generic antidiabetic drugs, especially metformin. Besides being beneficial for fighting diabetes, saponins also have other benefits, namely:

  • Reducing blood fat and preventing obesity
  • Increases endurance and strengthens the physical
  • Prevent blood platelet aggregation to avoid blood clots
  • Treat various health problems caused by allergies especially asthma.
  • Treat erectile dysfunction, especially those related to diabetes.
  • Prevent blood clots and insomia.

3. Alkaloid

One of the biggest benefits of mahogany seeds is in the alkaloid content. It has been proven that most diseases occur when the body's pH level is too low. Everything that pollutes the body such as poisons and free radicals is a natural acid. The alkaloid content is effective for detoxification and prevents oxidation in the body because our body becomes alkaline. An alkaline state in the body can prevent the growth of cancer cells.

Benefits of mahogany seeds for various diseases

Let's find out more about the overall efficacy of mahogany seeds on various health problems based on the type of problem below:

  • Circulatory system: Useful in reducing the condition of hypertension, hyperlipemia, atherosclerosis, cardiovascular disease, stroke, seizures, arthritis, varicose veins, blood circulation disorders, etc.
  • Immune system: Useful in regulating and strengthening the immune system, anti-bacterial, anti-inflammatory, anti-viral, anti-tumor, anti-cancer, etc.
  • Endocrine system (including metabolic problems): Contributes to improve the problem of diabetes, infertility, infertility, hyposexuality or lack of sexual drive, menstrual pain, etc.
  • Respiratory system: Restores chronic bronchitis, asthma, coughing, etc.
  • Nervous system: Relieves sleep disorders, fatigue, stress, insomnia, migraines, etc.
  • Aging: Removes free radicals and reactive oxygen sources.
  • Digestive system (including the liver, gall bladder and pancreas): Cure gastrointestinal ulcers, liver cirrhosis, acute hepatitis, etc.
  • Others: Treat allergies, obesity, etc.

How to consume mahogany seeds

Before consuming mahogany seeds, drink 1-2 glasses of water to clean the stomach so that the absorption process will be better. Mahogany seeds can be consumed both before and after eating.

  • To maintain a healthy body: Take one mahogany seed (small /medium size) or one mahogany seed capsule every morning and evening.
  • For chronic diseases: Take 2 mahogany seeds (medium size) or 2 mahogany seed capsules every morning, afternoon and night.

You can immediately swallow it or bite it into small pieces and swallow it with water. When you bite it, you will feel a very bitter taste, but it can accelerate absorption in the body.


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