Feel the Greatest Alone? Can You Have Mental Disorders!

Feel the Greatest Alone? Can You Have Mental Disorders!

Feel the Greatest Alone? Can You Have Mental Disorders!


Feel the Greatest Alone? Can You Have Mental Disorders!

Feeling the most superior or superior because intelligence, power, or other things without tangible evidence can be an effect of mental disorders. The mindset feels the most great on its own, this is known as delusion of grandeur or literally means the idea of ​​greatness.

Knowing great ideas

Basically, delusions are a false belief because it is contrary to reality. Greatness causes a person to believe that he is different from what others see. They may also think they are someone who is so great, even though in reality it is normal. This type of delusion can be realized in the form of very sure he has incomparable skills, has many acquaintances of important people, has abundant assets, and holds important positions or powers.

Understanding of greatness can be a symptom caused by mental health disorders. However, not everyone who experiences it has certain mental health disorders. So, this is not a fixed price. Only psychiatrists can diagnose a person's illness or mental condition.

Feeling the best yourself can be a feature of mental disorders

Some types of mental health disorders that have psychotic characteristics can cause a person to experience delusions. These things include:

  • Schizophrenia
  • Bipolar disorder
  • Dementia (senility)
  • Delirium
  • Major depression with psychotic signs

Psychotic symptoms in this case may be triggered by mental health disorders above and cause someone to experience an understanding of their true identity. Psychotic itself is a disorder that causes someone to lose consciousness of reality. Because that is difficult for people who experience psychosis to distinguish what actually happened and what didn't.

Aside from mental health disorders, people who feel the most likely are also related to narcissistic personality disorder. The characteristics of this personality disorder are the most important is to exaggerate their abilities, self-interests, and uniqueness.

Symptoms of delusions like this may also be triggered by drug abuse, especially phencyclidine and amphetamine. Both drugs have the risk of causing dangerous behavior in those who have delusions of their physical abilities so that they can cause harmful unusual behavior. For example, believe that they can survive despite falling from a height.

Greatness of understanding

Understanding of greatness shows effects with key features such as:

  • Believing something that is wrong but he considers it very true even if it is contrary to reality and norms in society.
  • Strongly believes in the delusion that he has so he doesn't want to see it from another perspective.
  • Knowledge that is trusted is very impossible and cannot be explained by reason.
  • This understanding can influence how a person lives his daily life.

The above characteristics can occur in some types of delusions that a person experiences, for example:

  • Have something special - they strongly believe that they have things, talents, or abilities that no one else knows. For example they believe that he can move from one place to another in a blink of an eye.
  • Having a secret relationship - delusions related to the belief that they have a certain relationship with someone or a famous person. For example, they believe that they are important because they are close to the president or a large conglomerate.
  • Have a certain spiritual level - they believe that they have a special relationship with God or a certain god so they have a higher spiritual power or level.
  • Being a famous person - delusions causes them to match themselves with famous people and believe that they are actually the famous person.

Can you recognize someone who feels the best on his own?

The idea of ​​greatness is a difficult thing to recognize. The main key to differentiating it from ordinary wisdom is that understanding is not something that really happens or is not an actual experience.

Understanding is the belief that someone can float by themselves or feel and believe that he is a famous movie star or singer.

Whereas greatness can easily be recognized when a person has a history of mental health disorders such as bipolar disorder or schizophrenia. In addition, if someone tells a belief in his life that makes him behave abnormally in daily life, the possibility of the condition is a delusion.

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