Facing Changes in Sexual Passion for Pregnant Women in the Second Trimester

Facing Changes in Sexual Passion for Pregnant Women in the Second Trimester

Facing Changes in Sexual Passion for Pregnant Women in the Second Trimester


Facing Changes in Sexual Passion for Pregnant Women in the Second Trimester

The desire to keep having sex while pregnant is natural. Pregnancy is not your obstacle to staying intimate. However, what needs to be considered is that you and your partner endanger the fetus during sex.

During the second trimester, the belly of a pregnant woman is not too large, this is usually the right time to have sexual intercourse during pregnancy. However, does sexual desire for second trimester pregnant women begin to return to normal? Here's the explanation.

Sexual passion for second trimester pregnant women

During the first trimester of pregnancy, maybe most pregnant women experience a decrease in sexual desire. However, sexual desire of pregnant women generally will increase at the end of the first trimester and enter the second trimester.

The nausea and fatigue that usually occurs in the first trimester has subsided. This increase in hormones in the second trimester also makes you sexier, so you feel more passionate about having sex with your partner. In fact, many women experience orgasm repeatedly for the first time during this pregnancy.

In the second trimester, sex will be more attractive and potentially more satisfying for pregnant women. What's more, most women are still quite comfortable during the second trimester because their stomachs are not too large.

Increased sexual desire of pregnant women in the second trimester is influenced by an increase in the hormone estrogen. In the second trimester of pregnancy, your body produces more estrogen. This hormone increases blood flow in the area of ​​the sex organs and causes this area to be more sensitive so that sexual stimulation increases.

In addition, during the second trimester of pregnancy, vaginal fluid also increases which makes the vagina more receptive to penetration. Changes in breasts that are more developed and more sensitive are also the reason for the increased sexual desire of pregnant women.

Take advantage of this time with your partner and share joyfully how your body changes. Sex during pregnancy is a great way to stay mental, emotional, and physically connected.

Tips for safe sex for second trimester pregnant women

Check your pregnancy regularly at the obstetrician, to find out the condition of your pregnancy whether it is healthy, and also to make sure it is safe to have intercourse. If your sexual arousal is good and you don't experience a high-risk pregnancy disorder, then you are still allowed to have sexual relations.

However, keep in mind the comfort and risks that may occur in the womb. You and your partner must feel comfortable physically and in a sex position that does not put pressure on the uterus or burden the belly of pregnant women.

You should not have sex if you experience bleeding, abdominal pain or cramps, damaged or ruptured amniotic fluid, a history of weakness of your cervix or cervix starting prematurely, low-lying placenta (placenta previa), having a history of preterm labor, and being pregnant twins or more.

The position of safe sex for second trimester pregnant women

There are several sex positions that you can take during the second trimester of pregnancy. You could say the second trimester of pregnancy is a pleasant pregnancy condition for sexual intercourse. Nausea or morning sickness has subsided and your stomach has not enlarged. The following sex positions need to be tried during the second trimester of pregnancy.

  • Sitting position while looking. This is done with men in a sitting position in a chair. The female partner sits on the man's lap by looking at each other's eyes.
  • Doggy style. This position allows deep penetration, which may not be comfortable if done in the third trimester.
  • Sleeping position sideways. Lie down facing your side with the male partner facing each other. Enjoy this stare at each other as long as you can do it.

After you enter the 20th week of pregnancy, avoid positions that make you lie flat, like a missionary position. When you lie on your back, the enlarged uterus will press the aorta, which functions to drain blood to the placenta. Then, try to prop the left hip with a pillow.

It's better if your partner doesn't blow air into the genital area. Blowing air into the vagina can cause air embolism (air bubbles that enter your blood circulation). This is rare, but can be life threatening to you or your baby. Oral sex is safe during pregnancy, but it's best not to blow air into the vagina.

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