Drinking Hot Drinks When Toothache, May or Not?

Drinking Hot Drinks When Toothache, May or Not?

Drinking Hot Drinks When Toothache, May or Not?


When you have a toothache, not only painkillers are needed. You also need to take care when eating and drinking so that the pain that you feel is not getting worse. So, how about drinking hot drinks? Can you drink hot drinks while having a toothache?

What happens during a toothache?

Drinking Hot Drinks When Toothache, May or Not?

Toothache can feel stabbing, throbbing, or the pain is constant and won't disappear. Some people also feel toothache when pressed or just bite.

Not only pain, toothache can also be accompanied by swelling or fever and headaches.

The cause of this toothache is very much, starting from cavities, tooth decay, broken teeth, tooth abscesses, gum infections, or other tooth and gum damage. Everything can cause toothache.

If you drink hot water, does it make your teeth worse?

Drinking Hot Drinks When Toothache, May or Not?

Basically the treatment of toothache is done depending on the cause. Likewise with the use of hot water. If toothache is indeed caused by the sensitivity of your teeth to a substance such as hot drinks, cold drinks, acidic drinks, it's best not to drink fluids that trigger your tooth sensitivity.

If you keep drinking it, then the pain and sensitivity level can increase.

Teeth have several layers, one of which is the dentine layer. It is this dentine layer that covers the dental pulp that contains a collection of nerves. If this dentin is damaged or you are sensitive to hot or cold temperatures, it will be exposed to the bundle of nerves. As a result, you feel toothache.

Even so, it doesn't mean that everyone who is having a toothache is not allowed to drink hot drinks during a toothache.

Hot water (not boiling water that has just been cooked but which is already warm) is often used as a home remedy to calm pain. For example, warm water mixed with several herbal ingredients to drink or as a mouth rinse when sore teeth.

However, if you don't know what triggers toothache, you should avoid drinks that have temperatures that are too hot or too cold.

Do you want to be warm when you have a toothache? Here are the tips!

Here are some ways to use warm water to deal with toothache:

Drinking Hot Drinks When Toothache, May or Not?

Warm water and salt

To reduce inflammation and pain, you can use a solution of salt water using warm water. You don't need to drink it, you just have to rinse it with salt water twice a day or every few hours. How:

  • Put ½ to ¾ teaspoon of salt in a glass of warm water, stir until smooth.
  • Gargle with this solution for 30 seconds

Honey water

A mixture of honey and warm water can also be a sedative for toothache due to injury. Honey is an antibacterial agent and can be used to treat wounds. Honey can help speed healing, relieve pain, reduce swelling, and soothe inflammation.

Mint leaf tea

Mint leaf tea helps relieve pain and reduce the swelling that occurs in your oral cavity. You simply put 1 spoonful of mint leaves into a glass of boiling water or tea. Stir the tea and drink when it's warm. You can drink it by holding the tea a little longer in the oral cavity (such as gargling) to stick to the teeth longer, then just swallow.

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