Do’s and Don’ts To Maximize Your Fertility

Do’s and Don’ts To Maximize Your Fertility

Do’s and Don’ts To Maximize Your Fertility


Before going to the doctor to consult for advice or take action so that you get pregnant soon, try doing the following things and avoid anything that risks your fertility.

Do This!

Healthy lifestyle

Maintain an ideal body weight, try to do physical activity, live a healthy diet, limit consumption of caffeine, and reduce stress. These good habits will help you and your baby to be healthy and safe throughout pregnancy.

Perform regular sex

For couples who are healthy and want to get pregnant, there is no such thing as sexual relations too much or too often. For many people who try, routine sex is needed most.

Having sex the day before the day of ovulation

Sexual intercourse before ovulation will increase your chances of getting pregnant. Even though your partner's sperm count or concentration will diminish little by little because of the intensity of frequent sex, it is not a problem for healthy men.

Pre-concept plan

Your doctor will check general health conditions and recommend some lifestyle changes that will give you more opportunities to get pregnant. A preconception plan (pre-pregnancy) will be very helpful. Especially when you and your partner have health problems that can affect their ability to get pregnant.

Don’t Do This!


Sometimes you and your partner will be stressed when trying to get pregnant. Even more stressful when the business has not succeeded in completing several trials. Even when the conditions are optimal, your chance to get pregnant at one cycle is only 50% or 1: 2. By having regular sexual intercourse without protection, most healthy couples will get pregnant in less than a year.


Tobacco changes cervical mucus which will make it difficult for sperm to reach the egg. Smoking also increases the risk of pregnancy disorders, even miscarriages, babies who are underweight at birth, or babies lack oxygen and nutrients. If you smoke, ask your doctor for help to stop before you plan to get pregnant. For your family and your own health, promise to stop smoking.

Drink alcohol

Alcohol can reduce fertility and if you are trying to get pregnant, it can be dangerous for the fetus.

Take medicines without the doctor's consent

Some medications (even those that are freely available without having to use a doctor's prescription) can cause difficulties in trying to achieve pregnancy. Some other drugs are also not safe to consume while pregnant.


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