Do you want to have radiant healthy skin? Come on, Start Regular Sports!

Do you want to have radiant healthy skin? Come on, Start Regular Sports!

Do you want to have radiant healthy skin? Come on, Start Regular Sports!


You may only focus on the benefits of exercise as a way to lose weight. However, it turns out the benefits of exercise in our body are very many. Regular exercise is proven to maintain healthy skin. This is certainly good news for women. In addition to maintaining his weight because of exercise, the health of his skin can be maintained. More details about the benefits of exercise for the skin, see the following discussion.

Exercise can improve blood circulation

When doing exercise, the heart will work harder to deliver blood to all parts of the body. That way, blood circulation becomes more smooth. Well, blood itself is responsible for transporting nutrients and oxygen needed by all cells in the body, including skin cells. This process certainly makes skin health awake.

Not only that, the smooth circulation of blood due to diligent exercise also makes waste materials that are not used by the body properly disposed of through sweat from the skin pores. This can prevent buildup of waste or dirt under the skin. Your skin's pores will not become clogged so the skin becomes smoother and healthier.

Exercise can repel stress

Is it stressful when your face becomes pimpled? This might happen because the oil glands in the skin are affected by one of them by stress hormones. That is, stress and skin health can be interconnected. For that, exercise regularly because exercise is proven to reduce stress so that your skin can look healthier.

Do you want to have radiant healthy skin? Come on, Start Regular Sports!

The benefits of regular exercise for the skin

Because exercise is related to blood circulation and stress, exercise indirectly can also improve your skin's health. The following are the benefits of exercise for fresher and healthier skin.

1. Prevents wrinkles on the face

Smooth blood circulation because exercise can help the skin cell turnover process. So, skin cells will continue to change with new ones, and dead skin cells will be lifted. This certainly can help prevent the appearance of wrinkles on the face. Regular exercise can also extend telomeres, which are special compounds that can delay aging of skin cells.

2. Makes skin brighter and softer

When you exercise, your blood will be pumped more and more through the skin. So, oxygen will be more widely accepted by skin cells. This helps the skin look brighter.

In addition, fluids in the blood can also moisturize the skin to make it softer when you exercise. Just look at the sweat that comes out of your skin during exercise. Sweat You can prevent dry scaly skin.

3. Keep the skin tight and supple

As explained above, exercise can help reduce stress. This is then associated with skin health. When stressed, the body produces a lot of the hormone cortisol (stress hormone) which can cause collagen in the skin to break down. As a result, wrinkles on the skin begin to appear and the skin becomes loose.

Well, regular exercise can inhibit the process, so that collagen production increases. Collagen is a protein that keeps the skin tight and supple.

4. Prevent acne from occurring

Smooth blood circulation while exercising helps provide nutrients and oxygen to skin cells. According to the health site WebMD, this can then help remove waste substances from the body and cleanse the skin pores from the pile of dirt.

So, the process of removing this residual substance can prevent pimples from forming in the pores of the skin. Exercise also helps correct hormonal imbalances that can cause acne.


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