Do you like to eat instant noodles? Know First These 5 Surprising Facts

Do you like to eat instant noodles? Know First These 5 Surprising Facts

Do you like to eat instant noodles? Know First These 5 Surprising Facts


Do you like to eat instant noodles? Know First These 5 Surprising Facts

How many times have you eaten instant noodles in a week's time? Instant noodles are indeed many fans and maybe you are one of them. If you like instant noodles, then it's better to look at the following surprising facts about instant noodles.

1. Eating instant noodles cannot replace your full meal

Maybe you are full by eating one or two packs of instant noodles in one meal. But no matter how much you eat instant noodles, this food can't replace your full meal. Full food intended here is a complete food with balanced nutrition, which consists of staple foods, vegetables, vegetable protein, and animal protein.

So don't eat too much instant noodles as a substitute for your full meal. Still, the best food is a variety of foods, because from these foods you will get various types of nutrients that your body needs.

2. Instant noodles in Indonesia have added other important nutrients

Instant noodles can be considered one of the foods that are quite popular with many people. Therefore, instant noodles are considered the right food product for fortification. Fortification is an effort made to add one or more nutrients to a food product that aims to prevent a nutrient deficiency in the community.

Nutrients added to these food products are usually important micronutrients needed by all ages or nutrients that often cause deficiencies or deficiencies in society. In this case, instant noodles in Indonesia have been added to iron, zinc, vitamin A, and several other types of minerals.

But, that doesn't mean you can eat instant noodles frequently. Even though the nutrients needed by the body have been added, the amount of these nutrients will not meet your needs. It is still better to eat a variety of foods with balanced nutrition to get more nutrients and quality.

3. Sodium contained in instant noodles is very high

Eating instant noodles is something that should not be done by people with hypertension. This is because sodium contained in one pack of instant noodles is high which ranges from 600-1500 mg. While healthy people are recommended to consume only 1500 mg of sodium per day.

If you eat one pack of instant noodles a day, then for your next meal you should not eat packaged food or drinks and not eat foods that contain salt. Because salt and other packaged foods contain sodium too, so you can increase your sodium intake which is certainly bad for health.

4. Eating instant noodles is too often proven to cause heart disease

Eating instant noodles can cause you to experience heart disease is not a mere figment. There have been many studies and studies that prove that eating instant noodles too often causes a person to experience various heart diseases, such as coronary heart disease, heart failure, and stroke. Even research conducted in South Korea involving as many as 10,000 adults, shows that eating instant noodles is one of the causes of diabetes mellitus.

A professor of nutrition and epidemiology from the Harvard School of Public Health states that it is not really a problem to consume instant noodles once or twice a month, but if every week is done, it is very risky to cause various degenerative diseases. >

5. The boiled water for instant noodles is not dangerous

Many say that instant noodle cooking water is dangerous and should not be used in presentation. Even though the instant noodle boiled water contains nutrients that have been added previously, such as iron, zinc, vitamin A, and others. When the boiling process, some nutrients dissolve in water and then disappear from instant noodles.

Therefore, it's actually safe and don't be afraid to use instant noodle stew water. Not only safe, nutrients dissolved in cooking water will also be wasted if not used. But still remember, eating instant noodles should not be too often because instant noodles are not foods full of nutrients.

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