Do not Leave the Panco Fight! This is the danger

Do not Leave the Panco Fight! This is the danger

Do not Leave the Panco Fight! This is the danger


For certain people, there is a certain satisfaction if you can prove your physical strength in front of other people. One of the most common ways to show strength is arm wrestling. So generally, you may have done it yourself when you were a child. Be careful, although it seems simple, it turns out wrapping fights are one of the most dangerous sports. How can? Here is a complete review of the question of arm wrestling and various dangers.

Get to know arm wrestling

Pancos are dangerous sports that should not be carried out without training or supervision from experienced people. Just like wrestling, boxing, or martial arts, arm wrestling is very prone to injury. You must master certain techniques in order to minimize the possibility of injury.

In an arm wrestling competition, you and your opponent must stand facing each other with the arms that are interwoven. To win the competition, you must drop your opponent's hand to touch the surface of the armoire or table.

This sport is not just for showing off big arms. Because, the factors that really determine your victory in this dangerous sport are many. Among them are arm strength, competing techniques, muscle density, size of the fist, flexibility of the wrist, and endurance of the body, especially the top.

Risk of wrestling at random

When seen in plain view, this sport really seems so easy. The main thing is just to attach the arm and race to quickly drop the opponent's hand. As a result, many people, including children, often try wrestling without adequate understanding about this sport.

If done without expert supervision or the right technique, arm wrestling is vulnerable to injury, elbow pain, arm pain, and shoulder pain. This is because when arm wrestling, your muscles are forced to work very hard.

The most frequent injury due to arm wrestling

Even arm wrestling athletes remain at high risk of injury when arm wrestling. Here are some types of injuries that often occur during arm wrestling.

1. Broken upper arm

According to Dr. John Arnold, a professor of sports science at the University of South Australia, is likely to have upper arm fractures. The reason is, your shoulders bend and rotate while your elbows must remain stiff and upright in their original position. All the pressure is supported by the upper arm bone. Meanwhile, you also have to resist the urge from your opponent's arm. As a result, the upper arm bone is twisted and broken.

2. Tendinitis

Injury to tendinitis occurs when the ligament, which is the tissue that connects one bone to another, experiences inflammation and swelling. Usually tendinitis occurs in the elbow and arm area. This inflammation occurs because the tissues in the biceps, triceps, and elbows receive extraordinarily strong pressure. Symptoms include body parts that are affected by tendinitis that are painful, hot, and difficult to move.

3. Sprained muscle

Similar to tendinitis that occurs in ligaments, your muscles can also experience injury if forced to work too hard. Muscles will dislocate when muscle fibers in your shoulders, arms, elbows, or wrists are torn or stretched. Usually you will experience symptoms such as swelling, redness, extreme pain, and feeling hot.

Prevents injury during arm wrestling

To prevent injury or pain due to arm wrestling, you should first look at various techniques and safe ways to do arm wrestling. Avoid wrestling carelessly if you or your opponent is not really experienced. In addition, warming up muscles with gymnastics or jumping jack movements for at least 10 minutes can also help prevent injury.

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