Did you know that female clitoris can also be erect?

Did you know that female clitoris can also be erect?

Did you know that female clitoris can also be erect?


Did you know that female clitoris can also be erect?

A female sexual organ is a member of the body that invites many questions. Although every woman has it, there are still many mysteries surrounding this sexual organ that have not been revealed to the layman. One of them is erection that occurs when women receive sexual stimulation. Not many people know that just like a male penis, a woman can also get an erection. However, a woman's erection occurs in the part of the vagina called the clitoris. Intrigued by all the erection of a female clitoris? Check out the full information below.

What happens if a woman is aroused?

You probably already know that women who receive sexual stimulation will get vaginal discharge. This causes the vaginal area to wet. This fluid functions as a lubricant so that when the penis penetrates, the vagina or penis will not rub too hard until the wound.

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Another thing that might happen when a woman is aroused is hardened nipples. This is because when you receive sexual stimulation, your body produces adrenal hormones. Out of your control, adrenaline will cause contractions in the skin like a shivering sensation. One part of the body that experiences this effect is breast nipples.

Usually these two things are signs of a woman feeling aroused which is well known. However, there are other organs that are sensitive to sexual stimulation, namely the clitoris. The clitoris is located between the lips of the vagina and its function is pure to feel pleasure that is erotic in nature. When aroused, the clitoris will erect.

Women can also get an erection

Erections experienced by women are certainly different from male erections. In men, the penis will become tense and hard due to increased blood flow. Meanwhile, erectile women will occur in the clitoris. The erect clitoris will enlarge and feel harder. This female clitoral erection occurs when blood flows into the vaginal area and fills the clitoris so that it looks bigger and harder. After that, the erection will gradually disappear.

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This condition can be achieved when a woman gets stimulation in the clitoral area. The problem is, not all women often or have received enough intense stimulation in the area. So rarely are there women who experience a clitoral erection or notice the erection while making love. When having sex, the clitoris rarely gets attention from a partner or yourself. This is because when penetration, the sex organs that become the focus and get the most stimulation are the vaginal openings.

In fact, the female clitoris consists of about 8,000 very sensitive nerve endings. If you want to help women reach the peak of pleasure, this is the most easily stimulated point. Many claim that they can only orgasm if the clitoris is given special attention.

However, even though it has been stimulated in such a way, there are still women who have not managed to achieve an erection or orgasm. This is because each clitoris has a different level of sensitivity. There are women who only need a little touch, but there must be stronger stimulation. The shape also varies. Some are protruding outward and large in size, some are hidden behind two vaginal lips and are small in size.

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Erection of the female clitoris also has its own characteristics. Some women who have an erection will show a clitoris that seems to swell and is so hard that it hurts to the touch. There are also women who if they are having an erection of the clitoris are not much different than their normal condition.

Prolonged erection of the clitoris

Although it is rare, there are also people who experience prolonged female clitoral erection. This means that the erection will not go away after more than one or two hours. This condition is called priapism (priapism). Women who suffer from priapism will find it difficult to control their clitoris from an erection.

This usually happens because there is a problem in your blood circulation. As a result, the clitoris cannot relax again as usual and blood is trapped in the clitoral area. Complications include swelling, blood clots, and fibrosis. Check with your doctor and health facilities immediately if you experience them. Usually prolonged clitoral erection can be overcome with medication prescribed by a doctor.

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