Determine the Best Routine in the Morning According to Your Body Shape

Determine the Best Routine in the Morning According to Your Body Shape

Determine the Best Routine in the Morning According to Your Body Shape


Determine the Best Routine in the Morning According to Your Body Shape

Waking up in the morning is believed to have a variety of benefits, especially if accompanied by doing healthy activities. Before starting your morning activities, first identify what your body shape looks like. Because the body shape of each person turns out to be a clue to the morning routine and activities that are most suitable for you.

The choice of morning activities based on your body shape

The body shape of each person is different. Many categorize male and female body shapes into various types. For example, like an apple, an hourglass, or just a straight shape. However, usually the proportion of each body is categorized based on the appearance and distribution of fat.

Therefore, the body forms that are most often referred to are thin, fat, and ideal. Well, who would have thought that it turns out that body shape can determine the type of morning activity that is most appropriate for each person? Come on, see the full explanation in the following description.

1. Thin body shape

Determine the Best Routine in the Morning According to Your Body Shape

In general, people who have thin or lean bodies tend to have difficulty if they want to gain weight. However, there are also people who are thin but hide a lot of undetectable fat deposits in the body.

Recommended morning activity:

For this reason, in order to make your body healthier, you can apply morning activities that are healthy but not too heavy. A director of nutrition at Precision Nutrition, Brian St. Pierre, MS, RD, CSCS, recommending one morning routine that is suitable for thin people is endurance exercise, such as jogging.

Meanwhile, according to Stacy Sims, Ph.D., a sports physiologist and nutrition expert, if you want to do a comprehensive activity, which is to use more body movements, you can try plyometric movements and other movements that are based on body weight .

Reporting from the Shape page, you are also encouraged to do a movement that relies on the body's muscle strength. For example deadlifts, push-ups, planks, lunges, squats, and so on.

People with thin bodies usually have a fairly fast metabolic process. Therefore, if you want to supply more energy in the morning, you are encouraged to eat healthy food sources of carbohydrates and fiber. For example sweet potatoes, potatoes, vegetables, boiled eggs, and fruit.

2. Fat body shape

Determine the Best Routine in the Morning According to Your Body Shape

Differences with thin people, people who are overweight are very easy to gain weight and difficult to lose. But usually, people who are overweight will store fat in different parts of the body. In the medical world, this different fat distribution will describe your actual body type, namely the body shape of the apple and the pear shape.

The body shape of the apple will tend to be bigger at the top, for example in the chest to the buttocks. But the hips to the legs look slimmer. While the pear body shape indicates a body that looks slim at the top, but starting from the hips to the legs tend to be more round and dense.

Recommended activity:

One of the most important keys to keeping your body healthy in people with obese bodies is by regulating cortisol levels in your body. Because cortisol (stress hormone) is responsible for storing fat in the body.

So, it's important to always keep cortisol levels from soaring. For example, by doing meditation in the morning, which has been proven effective for reducing cortisol levels in the body through stress reduction.

It is important to keep an eye on the type of light exercise that will be your morning activity, so that the activities you do are too tiring. This condition will actually stimulate the body to produce more cortisol.

In addition, you are also encouraged to apply breakfast as a healthy activity - by eating high-protein, low-carbohydrate foods. This aims to keep the body full for longer.

3. Athletic body shape

Determine the Best Routine in the Morning According to Your Body Shape

The proportion of the body other than the thin and fat body is an athletic or muscular body shape. Some people crave this one body shape. Health experts argue that people with ideal body shapes can be more optimal in using the body's muscle abilities, but sometimes also tend to have difficulty reducing body fat.

Recommended activity:

With a sturdy body shape, then Brian St. Pierre recommends snacking on sources of protein and carbohydrates before starting your morning activities. This aims to optimize muscle formation while providing fuel to the body to be able to move optimally.

In addition, it can also be accompanied by body strength training, such as exercise with intensity that matches your abilities. Don't forget to take the time to maintain your body's mental health while avoiding emotional stress. Because, a study shows that stress can inhibit the recovery of body muscles after exercise.

So, you are encouraged to do activities that can maximize your health - such as doing meditation, spending time with family, or watching movies with friends. Because, a close relationship with a loved one can help yourself to be calm and happy.

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