Could We Have Orgasm During Sleep?

Could We Have Orgasm During Sleep?

Could We Have Orgasm During Sleep?


Orgasms are closely related to satisfying sex experiences. But in fact, some people can experience orgasm while sleeping soundly - even though they obviously don't have sex at all. Why is that?

Who can experience orgasm while sleeping?

In medical language, the orgasm that occurs during night sleep is called nocturnal emission or which in ordinary language is known as wet dream. Sleep orgasms aka wet dreams are always associated with puberty, but adults can still experience them.

Both men and women, both single and married, can experience orgasm while sleeping. Yes! Women can have wet dreams. In fact, research shows that most women experience orgasm during sleep for the first time before entering the age of 21 years. According to a study published in the Journal of Sex Research, 37 percent of women in college age reported having experienced at least one orgasm during sleep.

Orgasms during sleep in men are characterized by sheets and underwear that are wet due to semen ejaculation, while female orgasms do not always release vaginal fluid. According to the International Society for Sexual Medicine, women who have woken up and reached orgasm will usually experience this again three to four times a year.

What causes sleep orgasm?

Wet dreams occur when someone who is sleeping receives sexual stimulation through an erotic dream. Orgasm just happens without the need to provide any stimulation to the penis or vagina.

Like your other dreams, wet dreams are not realized or planned by the owner of the body. Dreams that are erotic or contain sexual elements you cannot control or prevent beforehand.

This is because during REM (rapid eye movement) sleep, blood will flow more rapidly towards the genitals. This blood circulation can cause ejaculation in both men and women. Men will excrete semen through the penis while women will discharge vaginal fluid.

Many people report that they can remember their wet dreams until they feel they are climaxed, but this does not always mean that they really experience orgasm while sleeping. Orgasm in a dream is not a sign of someone's orgasm in real life

Is it normal if I orgasm while sleeping?

This is a natural phenomenon. Psychologist and sexual health, Dr. Petra Boynton, stressed that wet dreams are part of normal sexual function.

But if you get a wet dream every day, you need to consult a doctor. Although there are no minimum and maximum limits of the wet dream itself, daily wet dreams will certainly be very disturbing. Especially if this continues to occur in adulthood which should no longer have frequent wet dreams

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