Children Who Have High Risk Organ Transplants Are Natural Cancer

Children Who Have High Risk Organ Transplants Are Natural Cancer

Children Who Have High Risk Organ Transplants Are Natural Cancer


Until now, it is not known exactly what causes cancer in children. Cancer in children is certainly different from cancer that occurs in adults. Many things can make a child get cancer. One of the risk factors for cancer in children that is only known is the history of organ transplants performed by children. What is the relationship between organ transplantation and cancer in children?

Cancer in children is more likely to occur if you have had an organ transplant

This statement is known from the results of a study conducted by experts from the National Cancer Institute. Researchers from this study state that if a child has had an organ transplant, he is at a higher risk of developing cancer than other normal children his age.

This study lists 18 thousand pediatric patients. Then it was known that the group of children who had experienced organ transplants before, had a 19 times higher risk of developing Non-Hodgkin's lymphoma. While the risk of blood cancer in children who experience transplantation is 4 times higher.

In addition, there are also a number of other cancers that can be triggered by this, namely liver cancer, kidney cancer, and multiple myeloma.

Why are transplant patients at risk of cancer?

Organ transplantation is interpreted as a process of removing all or part of an organ from one body to another. This is intended to replace or support the function of the recipient organ that has been damaged. This condition may be experienced by children who have experienced bodily dysfunction from birth, thus requiring an organ transplant.

However, for the link between cancer in children and organ transplants, experts are not too sure about the reason. Because, cancer in children only until now is not known what caused it.

Experts estimate that this might be related to the immune system and the compatibility of transplant organs received by children. The response received by recipients of organ transplants will vary, this is probably the risk factor for cancer in children.

Can cancer in children be prevented?

It is different from adults who have been exposed to a lot of exposure and do bad habits, so they have a higher risk of getting cancer. but in children, especially those who are still toddlers, cancer cells can still grow in their bodies. Even though they have not been exposed to free radicals or do not consume junk food, cancer can still undermine your baby's body.

Therefore, actually preventing cancer in children is rather difficult to do, because this can occur due to various risk factors. Whether it's a family history that has experienced cancer or a genetic mutation in the child.

But don't worry, cancer in children now has a great chance of recovery. Especially if detected early. So, it takes the role of parents to know all the physical changes that occur in children, so that when experiencing changes, your child can immediately get the appropriate action.

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