Child Surgery Is Not Always Scary, As long as the Elder Prepares 3 Important Things

Child Surgery Is Not Always Scary, As long as the Elder Prepares 3 Important Things

Child Surgery Is Not Always Scary, As long as the Elder Prepares 3 Important Things


When your child has to do surgery, the first panic may not be your child, but you yourself. You must be confused, how to convey to your child if there will be medical action that must be done so he can be healthy again. Then what should you prepare? Take it easy, surgery is a process that will make your child run and laugh again. Find out which child surgery preparations can help you in the following article.

Preparation of child surgery so that everything runs smoothly

1. Prepare yourself

The first thing that is part of your child's surgery preparation is to prepare yourself mentally and physically. You must remain calm. If you're not calm yourself, how can you calm your little one? Believe it or not, children will feel if you are scared and stressed.

If this is difficult for you, don't hesitate to ask for help from family and close friends. Show your face, gestures, and relaxed body language, as if everything will be fine. This will build a positive atmosphere for your child before surgery.

2. Ask for details of medical procedures for doctors and nurses

The next child surgery preparation is to ask the medical staff about the operating procedure. You must know the detailed operating information that will be planned for your child. However, what things should you ask? The following are the questions you must ask.

  • Why does your child need medical surgery?
  • How long does the surgical procedure take?
  • How long does it take in the operating room?
  • How do you control pain or pain after surgery?
  • How long does the child have to stay at the hospital?
  • How do you treat a wound after surgery?
  • How long is the recovery time needed?

3. Talk to your little one calmly

If your child has begun to understand, he will definitely ask why he is in the hospital and never come home. Speaking honestly with children will actually help them to feel afraid and better prepared. This also provides an opportunity for your child to ask questions.

Use a simpler language that contains support for your little one. Avoid scary words when you explain the operating procedure. You can say to your child, "You are in the hospital so that the doctor and nurse know, where the body parts are sick, so you can get better quickly and be able to play again with friends."

If there are questions that you don't know the answer to, answer honestly you don't know. But you can give your child the opportunity to ask doctors and nurses. Also avoid mentioning medical terms that are difficult to understand. You can also use story books related to the hospital, let him read it or you read it.

Then how can the child not be afraid?

Don't show tension in front of your little one that you feel scared, the preparations mentioned above aim to keep you calm. If you are fine and provide support with words that are easy to understand, your child will be more courageous to face this procedure. In addition, you can bring your little one's favorite toys, this is to make him temporarily forget that there will be surgery.

It is also important for parents and people closest to the child to always be there to accompany him. Sometimes that makes a child afraid of not the operating procedure, but because he has to be left alone with health workers who are unknown to him. Reassure the child that you will always be with him. Even when a child's surgery is taking place, tell your child that you will remain in the waiting room, not going anywhere.

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