Can you take vitamins that have expired?

Can you take vitamins that have expired?

Can you take vitamins that have expired?


Vitamin supplements are usually needed to maintain immunity every day. But sometimes, this vitamin is immediately forgotten when you feel you are fit enough to return to activity. As a result, you are not aware that the vitamin has expired, even though there are still many. So, is the expired vitamin still suitable for consumption? Here's the explanation.

Can the vitamin expire?

Can you take vitamins that have expired?

Drugs that are stale or expired generally should not be consumed again. The reason is that the drug has expired and has experienced changes in chemical composition and decreased levels of efficacy. No longer makes the body healthy, this certainly can endanger health and aggravate your disease.

Basically, vitamins also have expiration dates like other types of drugs. It's just that vitamins that have expired are actually not really stale.

Unlike drugs, the expiration date on the vitamin package does not indicate the deadline for the vitamin you can drink. However, that date shows the last time the nutritional content in the vitamin is able to work optimally.

When vitamins start to expire, this means the nutrients in the vitamin will begin to decrease. In other words, the vitamin is not 100 percent effective to improve your immune system everyday.

The vitamin content can be damaged more quickly if not stored properly. For example, vitamins are exposed to heat, light, or contaminated with air which can cause vitamins to break faster.

Reporting from Livestrong, vitamins in the form of tablets are damaged or expired faster than capsules in vitamins. So, pay attention to the storage of vitamins so that their effectiveness is maintained.

Then, can you take the expired vitamin?

Can you take vitamins that have expired?

If you accidentally take vitamins that have expired, there is no need to rush to panic and think that you will be poisoned by drugs. The good news is that the expired vitamin is safe to drink , really.

When you take vitamins that have expired, this will not change the nutrients into poisons in the body. However, the quality of the vitamin itself will decrease because it has passed its expiration date.

Before reaching the expiration date, the vitamins you drink contain 100 percent of the nutrients that are effective in boosting your immune system. However, once the vitamins expire, the nutritional content will decrease. As a result, these vitamins become less effective at boosting your immune system.

Therefore, you should take vitamins that have not reached the expiration date. This is so that the vitamin content can work optimally for your health.

These are signs of an expired vitamin that should not be consumed

Can you take vitamins that have expired?

Even though expired vitamins can still be consumed, keep in mind the physical condition of your vitamins. If the vitamin expires begins to be filled with fungi, changes color, or smells pungent, then the vitamin is not suitable for consumption.

The growth of fungi in vitamins can cause bacterial contamination that can enter the body. Instead of getting the benefits of vitamins, you will actually get the disease from these bacteria.

So, get rid of your expired vitamins and get a new vitamin. In addition to its more effective nutritional content, this can also extend the shelf life of vitamins.

Remember, don't just throw out expired vitamins. The trick, mix old vitamins with coffee grounds or cat feces, then put them in a plastic bag. If so, immediately dispose of it in the trash. Avoid throwing vitamins into the toilet or gutter because it can contaminate water and poison water organisms.

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