Can Swim When Menstruation?

Can Swim When Menstruation?

Can Swim When Menstruation?


Many of the taboos and myths surrounding a woman's monthly guests. One of the things we hear most often is, we cannot swim during menstruation. Then actually are women allowed to swim while menstruating? If yes, what should be prepared? Here are some things you need to know if you want to swim while on menstruation.

Can you swim during menstruation?

Menstruation is not your reason for not doing activities including swimming. Medically there is actually no prohibition to swim while menstruating. But indeed you should avoid swimming during moderate periods.

You don't need to worry about leaking blood when you are swimming. Your menstrual blood flow will indeed not slow down or stop completely while swimming, but the water pressure in the swimming pool will prevent the blood from escaping while we are in the water. Only when you get out of the pool, menstrual blood maybe just flows again. However, this potentially embarrassing thing can be easily prevented by careful preparation.

What about swimming in the sea? The principle is the same. No need to fear that you will be devoured by sharks when swimming in the free sea during menstruation. Sharks are not interested in menstrual blood because they cannot smell menstrual blood which is actually "old blood", not fresh blood. A new shark will eat you if you bleed fresh when in water.

How to safely swim during menstruation

To avoid menstrual blood that seeps out when you go up to the ground after swimming, you should use a tampon or menstrual cup to accommodate the blood flow.

When going to swim, use a new tampon. Tampons that have been filled with menstrual blood will make the possibility of leaking higher. In addition, many bacteria that grow in tampons can invade the bloodstream causing poisoning. Tampons that have been filled with blood can also spread bacteria into the pool water. This can be detrimental to other pool visitors. Then after swimming, immediately replace the tampon that has been used. This also applies if you are forced to swim using pads.

What must be considered before swimming during menstruation

Even though it is legitimate to swim during your period, you still have to pay attention to the cleanliness aspects. Swimming pools are used by many people. When in a swimming pool, basically the vagina is very easily infected. Not to mention menstrual blood that is alkaline and changes the vaginal pH, plus the influence of pH of water in the pool. This facilitates bacteria from pond water to gather in the vagina.

Another problem is the use of tampons and menstrual cups that are not yet common in Indonesia, so you might be forced to swim using sanitary pads. In terms of cleanliness, this is not recommended because sanitary napkins will absorb pond water so that the pads will expand and become moist. This can also be a source of infection. Therefore if you want to swim, you should leave in the last days only when the blood flow is very little.

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