Can Psychological Problems Be Cured Only With Online Therapy?

Can Psychological Problems Be Cured Only With Online Therapy?

Can Psychological Problems Be Cured Only With Online Therapy?


Can Psychological Problems Be Cured Only With Online Therapy?

In this sophisticated era, everything can be accessed online. Starting from monitoring the latest news around the world, shopping, to buying drugs online. Even now psychological therapy can be done online. Yes, you only have to click once and immediately connect to the online therapy site of mental health experts.

Indeed, therapy through cyberspace is more practical without having to bother going out of the house. However, how effective is online therapy in dealing with psychological problems? Find out the answer through the following review.

What do we do during online therapy?

Can Psychological Problems Be Cured Only With Online Therapy?

Online therapy, also known as e-therapy, e-counseling, telepsychology, or cyber-counseling, is a therapeutic method that connects counselors with their patients through cyberspace. Here, counselors can only provide psychological support through the internet, either through instant messaging applications, email, or video calls.

Sometimes, online therapy is still underestimated by a number of mental health experts in the world. In fact, according to a study published in the World Journal of Psychiatry, patients who received mental health services through video calls experienced better psychological changes than before, as reported by Very Well.

Various benefits of online therapy for dealing with psychological problems

Can Psychological Problems Be Cured Only With Online Therapy?

Many people are interested in cyber-based therapy because it is practical, economical, and can be accessed anywhere. Especially for those who experience iatrophobia aka fear of meeting a doctor, this will certainly make it easier for them to get medical advice from a health expert without having to meet in person.

The various benefits of online therapy that can be obtained are as follows.

1. Easy access for remote areas

Not all regions have access to adequate mental health services. Well, this is where the role of online therapy can make it easier for people with mental disorders in remote areas to get therapy that suits their needs - without having to bother going out of town.

2. Information is more accessible

When accessing the internet, people will find all the information needed easily, including the ins and outs of information about mental health. Sometimes, people with mental disorders tend to feel uncomfortable discussing the problem with friends or family. In the end, they seek information and help through online therapies available to overcome their psychological problems.

3. Facilitating persons with disabilities

People with disabilities have higher challenges and stress levels, making it more likely for depression. The reason is, they tend to experience limited movement, a social environment that is not supportive, and difficulty getting a job. As a result, they become insecure to just go out and interact with others.

Well, the presence of online therapy can be a breath of fresh air for people with disabilities. They can still get psychological counseling without having to bother going out of the house or thinking about other people's views on it.

Still, online therapy cannot replace face-to-face therapy

Can Psychological Problems Be Cured Only With Online Therapy?

Basically, online therapy cannot be considered as a reliable psychotherapy that can replace traditional or face-to-face therapy. Face to face, counselors can more easily diagnose mental health problems experienced by patients.

The counselor can see the patient's facial expressions, body language, and voice to facilitate diagnosis. Because, these things can provide a clearer picture of feelings, thoughts, moods, and patient behavior towards the counselor.

However, online therapy can still be done to help solve life, work, and romance problems that have a negative impact on one's psychological condition. Patients may not have the time to meet the counselor directly, but need a solution as soon as possible so as not to aggravate the psychological distress that is felt.

Before you decide to do therapy through cyberspace, first consider guaranteeing confidentiality, ethical and legal issues, and therapist qualifications. As much as possible try to always consult face-to-face with the counselor in order to get more satisfying results.

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