Can I Get Pregnant If I Have Endometriosis?

Can I Get Pregnant If I Have Endometriosis?

Can I Get Pregnant If I Have Endometriosis?


Can I Get Pregnant If I Have Endometriosis?

For those of you who are diagnosed with endometriosis, you may feel anxious and afraid you cannot get pregnant and have children. Despite having had sexual relations with a partner, but did not get pregnant too. Actually, is it possible for a pregnancy to occur despite endometriosis?

How can endometriosis occur?

Endometriosis is a condition in which the tissue lining the uterine wall (endometrium) grows and accumulates in other organs. Normally, the endometrium or uterine wall tissue will thicken when you will ovulate (the ovary releases the egg). The uterine wall will prepare itself to thicken so that the prospective fetus can attach to the uterus - if fertilization occurs. But if there is no fertilization, the thickened endometrium will decay. That's when you experience menstruation.

While when a woman experiences endometriosis, the uterine wall tissue that grows outside the uterus will also decay when you experience menstruation. However, the tissue that decays does not come out through the vagina as in normal tissue found in the uterus, so the remnants of the endometrium will settle around the reproductive organs.

Over time, these deposits will cause inflammation, cysts, scar tissue, and eventually cause interference. Even so, to date the exact cause of reproductive disorders is not known exactly.

Why does endometriosis put me at risk for infertility?

This condition will make it difficult for you to get pregnant and increase your risk of infertility. For example, when the endometrium grows in the fallopian tube - a channel that connects the ovary to the uterus - the sperm cannot fertilize the egg because it is blocked by the endometrial deposits.

Meanwhile, if the abnormal tissue grows around the ovary, it can block the ovaries from producing eggs. All of these conditions ultimately make it difficult for you to get pregnant and infertile.

Then can I get pregnant even if I have endometriosis?

Even though this condition occurs in the reproductive system, it doesn't mean you can't get pregnant. Don't worry, because the possibility of getting pregnant is always there. A study conducted by the World Endometriosis Research Foundation states that 1 in 3 women who experience endometriosis can get pregnant normally without being helped by fertility treatment at all.

Can I Get Pregnant If I Have Endometriosis?

What treatment can I do to get pregnant?

The results of various studies suggest that there are 40-50% of women with endometriosis who are given fertility drugs can become pregnant normally. Likewise with women who undergo IVF methods. This method can also be an option for those of you who have difficulty getting pregnant due to endometriosis.

Or you can also undergo surgery to remove deposits or treat wounds caused by endometrial tissue. Treatment in this way successfully makes 30-80% of women with endometriosis pregnant. However, this method depends on the conditions of each individual.

In some cases, the operation done actually reduces the number of your stored ovum. To find out which treatment is right for you, then you should discuss this with your gynecologist.

What should I do to increase the chances of getting pregnant?

In addition to carrying out the treatment recommended by the medical team, it is important for you to live a healthy lifestyle. By applying a healthy lifestyle, you can increase your chances of pregnancy. This method will help reduce the risk of inflammation in your reproductive organs and help to prepare a good and healthy 'home' for the growing fetus.

Some things you can do are:

  • Maintain ideal body weight.
  • Eat foods that are healthy and high in fiber. Avoid foods that contain high fat, calories and sugar.
  • Doing regular exercise is important so that the body stays fit and healthy.
  • Avoid bad habits like consuming alcohol, smoking, and staying up late.

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