Can a Blood Donor Make You Fat?

Can a Blood Donor Make You Fat?

Can a Blood Donor Make You Fat?


The level of awareness of the Indonesian people to make blood donors is still minimal. Reported by data from the World Health Organization (WHO), the minimum need for blood supply in Indonesia can reach 5.1 million bags of blood per year. In fact, the average amount of blood received was only 3.4 million donations to cover around 4 million bags. The reluctance of the community to donate blood can be influenced by various things, including one of them is the myth that circulates that blood donors make fat. What does the medical world say about this?

Blood donors make fat, myths or facts?

In fact, blood donation won't make you fat.

Body weight increases when the body's calories burned during activities are less than the calories that come from food intake. Apart from food, there are many other factors that make a person fat. Starting from genetics, rarely exercising, slow body metabolism, side effects of drugs, to certain health conditions or diseases can make a person fat quickly.

Blood donors never enter into the list of causes of a person becoming medically obese. So weight gain has nothing to do with blood donation. Indeed, what happens during blood donation?

After registration and health check, you will be asked to lie down or sit down. The donor officer will then insert a sterile needle into the skin in the inner elbow for 8-10 minutes to collect one liter of blood and several tubes of blood samples. After that, the clerk will close the injection site area with a bandage. After a blood donor, you will not feel anything - you can go home and continue your daily routine.

Can a Blood Donor Make You Fat?

So, why does someone get fat after blood donation?

Because there is a large amount of blood taken, most people can feel weak, dizzy, and /or get a stomach ache after donating. You will be given time to recover by enjoying food and drinks provided by blood donor organizers to recharge after losing a lot of fluids.

After you return from the donor's place, you are also advised to increase fluid and food intake at least in the first 4 hours after the donor. This is what underlies many people's suggestions that blood donors make fat.

However, this will not directly affect your metabolic process. Eating after blood donation will not immediately make you fat. Eating a lot continuously without being controlled and not knowing the time is the main cause of obesity.

Blood donors actually make you lose weight, you know!

Blood donors make fat just a myth. The truth and proven is that blood donors can make them thin. Reporting from Live Strong, every time you donate a blood bag you can burn about 650 calories. It's the same as the calories burned if you run for 30 minutes. Imagine how many kilograms can go down if you routinely donate, while still maintaining food and exercise routine?

Blood donors also have many other benefits for health. Still hesitant to help others?

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