Breakfast is the Key to a Productive Day! Come on, Know the Healthy Guide

Breakfast is the Key to a Productive Day! Come on, Know the Healthy Guide

Breakfast is the Key to a Productive Day! Come on, Know the Healthy Guide


Breakfast is the Key to a Productive Day! Come on, Know the Healthy Guide

One of the keys to building a day full of energy is breakfast. Unfortunately, many people mistakenly perceive breakfast even underestimate it. The Total Diet Survey (SDT) conducted by the Health Research and Development Agency found that in 25,000 children aged 6 to 12 years in 34 provinces 47.7 percent of children did not meet the minimum energy requirements at breakfast. In fact, 66.8 percent of children consume breakfast with low nutritional quality, especially vitamins and minerals. So, what are the benefits of breakfast and what is the right breakfast guide?

Benefits of breakfast for the body

Breakfast is the Key to a Productive Day! Come on, Know the Healthy Guide

Breakfast is one of the important activities to start the day so that the body can function properly. According to Jansen Ongko, M.Sc, RD, a fitness nutrition practitioner, at the Nestle NESTUM product launch event in Jakarta (5/9), stated "Breakfast meets around 15 to 30 percent of daily nutritional needs. In addition, breakfast also helps foster smart eating habits at lunch, snacks and dinner. "

Skipping breakfast makes your body lethargic, lackluster, and difficult to concentrate, until you are not productive. In addition, did you know that skipping breakfast just gives the body a chance to gain weight. Especially if you are on a diet program.

Why is that? Because at breakfast it is forgotten then the body is in a very hungry condition. Especially if your activity on that day is very dense and requires extra energy. Then what almost certainly happens is that you eat frantically during the day with large portions and careless food sources.

If you get used to it every day instead of being healthy, you might even gain weight to cause certain serious illnesses.

Breakfast is like ammunition and fuel before starting your day. For this reason, it is important if you consume carbohydrates which do have the main function as energy and food for the brain. Do not forget to include protein as a substance to build endurance and provide satiety until the next meal time.

In addition, breakfast also helps you to control your blood sugar more stable throughout the day of your activities.

The right breakfast guide

Breakfast is the Key to a Productive Day! Come on, Know the Healthy Guide

Met on the same occasion, Prof. Dr. Ir. Hardinsyah, Nutritionist and Chairperson of the Indonesian Food Association, said that the breakfast menu of most Indonesian people generally still did not meet complete and balanced nutritional needs. This is due to the pattern of breakfast consumption habits which are still 'what' is. That is the assumption that breakfast is only to prop the stomach and prevent hunger rather than providing the body with a source of nutrition that can provide energy and a sense of fullness longer so the body is more ready to move.

He said that the healthy breakfast menu contained:

  • Carbohydrates, preferably complex carbohydrates such as oatmeal, wheat, whole grains, and brown rice.
  • Fat , which is unsaturated fats like nuts.
  • Proteins , such as eggs and lean meat.
  • Vitamins and minerals , which come from fruits and vegetables.
  • Fiber , which also comes from fruits and vegetables.
  • Water .

All these nutrients must be fulfilled and there at breakfast. With enough nutrition at breakfast, your stamina will be much fitter and concentration will be maintained. That way, the day you live is far more productive.

But keep in mind, even though the food you eat is nutritiously balanced, the portion still needs attention. Prof. Dr. Ir. Hardinsyah revealed, ideally in one 4/5 serving breakfast plate needs to be filled by complex carbohydrates, 1/4 portion by side dishes consisting of protein and minerals, while the other 1/2 portion consisted of fruits and vegetables which served sufficient vitamin needs and also mineral.

Abstinence at breakfast which should be avoided

In order for the benefits of breakfast to be more maximal, avoid the following taboos such as:

Don't overeat

In order to get the benefits of breakfast, try not to overeat. Excessive eating can actually make you lethargic throughout the day due to the digestive system working too hard.

Don't just eat that stuff

Even though you have a favorite food at breakfast, you should not eat it all. Eating the same menu every day raises the body's risk of lacking certain nutrients. Because, every food you eat has different nutritional content. For that, varying the breakfast menu becomes an important thing to note.

Eat too late

Breakfast is a meal that must be eaten in the morning before you start various activities. The point is, for energy. Therefore, don't get breakfast too late. Try to have breakfast for about 30 minutes after waking up and no more than 10 in the morning so that the body has enough provisions to start the day.

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