Beware, Exercise Is Too Heavy Can Cause Digestive Disorders

Beware, Exercise Is Too Heavy Can Cause Digestive Disorders

Beware, Exercise Is Too Heavy Can Cause Digestive Disorders


Nowadays, more and more people are regularly exercising vigorously and regularly, which is a good thing. However, everything that is done excessively is certainly no longer good. So even if you do too much exercise, if done excessively or for too long, the impact can be bad for your digestive system.

The effect of exercise is too heavy on the digestive system

Based on research, it was found that intense exercise with a period of more than 2 hours can have a negative impact on the digestive system. Excessive exercise can damage cells in the intestine, causing short-term and long-term indigestion, according to a team of sports researchers from Australia.

The study revealed that these negative effects can be exacerbated by exercising or running at high temperatures. Research reveals that when exercising heavily or for a long time, damage occurs to the intestinal cells. This damage can cause a "leak" in the intestine, which causes bacteria and toxins from the intestines to migrate to the bloodstream, which can cause interference.

Besides excessive exercise can also cause slow gastric emptying, as well as impaired absorption in the small intestine. Running and exercising in hot temperatures will make the condition worse.

How long is the exercise safe for the digestive system?

The effects that occur on the digestive system above generally occur with 60% maximum oxygen levels (VO2max) which lasts for 2 hours, with any physical condition. So, it's good to avoid sports with too much intensity or too long periods of time.

In addition, in patients who suffer from digestive disorders, it's good to avoid exercising too heavily or for too long, because it can aggravate the disease. However, researchers revealed that exercise with mild to moderate intensity can be beneficial for people who have digestive system disorders.

Beware, Exercise Is Too Heavy Can Cause Digestive Disorders

Sports that often cause digestive disorders

Exercise that is quite common triggers digestive disorders including marathon and triathlon, where many people experience digestive disorders such as nausea, vomiting, abdominal cramps and exhaustion. Therefore, for those of you who already have digestive disorders, you should avoid this type of exercise to prevent further interference. Or, consult a doctor first before deciding to join the marathon.

If you exercise too hard and feel indigestion like nausea or vomiting, stop exercising immediately, consume fluids to prevent dehydration, and rest.

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