Benefits of Petai for Our Body Health

Benefits of Petai for Our Body Health

Benefits of Petai for Our Body Health


Petai have a flat and long seed shape, and are round like almonds. The most special of petai is of course a distinctive smell. Some people do not mind the smell, while others do not like the smell produced from petai. How to consume it also varies, petai can be eaten raw, fried, burned, or raised. In Indonesia, petai is usually served with fried rice, balado fries, or fresh vegetables.

Petai is also known as parkia speciosa. Besides the smell, the taste is also typical. Petai tastes a little bitter, but make no mistake, petai is still liked by many people. Even if the aroma is quite striking, the petai has a myriad of benefits. For those of you who like and who don't like petai, consider the following interesting things.

What nutrients are contained in petai?

The following are substances contained in the petai quoted from Your Health Remedy:

  • protein 6.0-27.5 g
  • fat 1.6-13.3 g
  • carbohydrates 13.2-52.9 g
  • raw fiber 1.7-2.0 g
  • energy 91.0-441.5 kcal
  • calcium 108.0-265.1 mg
  • iron 2.2-2.7 mg
  • potassium 341.0 mg
  • phosphorus 115.0 mg
  • manganese 42.0
  • magnesium 29.0
  • 36.7 ppm copper
  • 8.2 ppm zinc
  • vitamin C 19.3 mg
  • thiamine 0.28 mg
  • α-tocopherol 4.15 mg

What are the benefits of petai for health?

1. Contains antioxidants

Petai contains flavonoids which are antioxidants. These antioxidants will help fight free radicals that are found in many conditions such as diabetes, cancer and atherosclerosis. In fact, according to a study, the content and antioxidant activity found in petai are the highest among plants

2. Reduces blood sugar levels

Petai contains beta-sitosterol and stigmasterol which can reduce blood sugar levels. But they were apparently unable to work alone, but had to be together. The effect of reducing blood is seen in studies in experimental animals who have diabetes. But apparently this effect does not appear in normal experimental animals.

3. Against bacteria

Petai seed extract turns out to be able to suppress the growth of bad bacteria. Petai seed extract contains hexathionine and trithiolane which have antibacterial abilities. While the conclusions from existing studies, petai seed extract is most effective against Gram-negative bacterial groups.


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