Benefits and risks of beverages containing charcoal

Benefits and risks of beverages containing charcoal

Benefits and risks of beverages containing charcoal


Benefits and risks of beverages containing charcoal

Recently activated charcoal drinks have increasingly shown its popularity as a healthy drink. Many juice producers offer lemon juice charcoal (activated charcoal lemonade), which is a mixture of water, original lemon juice, natural sweeteners, and activated charcoal, aka activated charcoal. Although the color is jet black and often reminds us of stagnant water in culverts, it seems that it is described as not changing ordinary lemon juice even though the texture is slightly calcareous.

Manufacturers claim that drinks containing activated charcoal can give you the appearance of a healthy glowing skin, better digestion, eliminating drunken remnants overnight, and removing all bad poisons in the body. Is it true that this jet black drink is beneficial for health?

What is activated charcoal?

Charcoal added to your drink is not from the same type of charcoal to bake at a barbecue. Activated charcoal is carbon produced from old oil palm shells, bamboo, or wood powder that has gone through a special activation process to increase its absorption.

The process of activating charcoal is done by soaking it with certain chemicals. Then activated charcoal will be processed further so that it is safe for consumption, and put in drinks that you see in health drink outlets.

What are the benefits of activated charcoal drinks?

The main claim of activated charcoal drinks that you usually find in commercial outlets is to help detoxify and remove harmful foreign substances in the body.

Charcoal is known to absorb dirt up to 100 to 200 times its weight. While through the activation process, activated charcoal is claimed to be able to absorb mass of poisons and impurities up to thousands of times its own weight, so activated charcoal is claimed to be an excellent natural ingredient for rinsing poisons in the body.

In addition, this jet black drink is reportedly useful to provide extra energy surges, smooth-looking skin, and heal you from the hangover of the rest of the night's alcoholic party. This is because activated charcoal works to cleanse toxins and residual alcohol in the kidneys and bloodstream. Activated charcoal drinks are also claimed to be able to cut belly fat.

Is activated charcoal really effective in removing toxins?

Active charcoal is effective for attracting poisons in the body. The efficacy of detoxification from activated charcoal has long been proven by medical professionals as a treatment for alcohol poisoning and drug overdose. This carbon substance works like a sponge, by binding itself to toxins and absorbing them before they are transported in the bloodstream.

But what needs to be understood is that activated charcoal cannot be digested by the body. This means that after absorbing toxins in the body, active charcoal residues that now contain toxins will remain in the digestive tract and will be disposed of along with other food scraps. If the poison is already digested by the digestive tract (no longer in the intestine) and carried by the bloodstream throughout the body, activated charcoal will not be of much use to eliminate poisons. Thus, some of the claims for the benefits of the charcoal drink described above are considered inappropriate.

In addition, the "dose" of activated charcoal contained in activated charcoal drinks is very small. As a comparison, usually patients with poisoning or overdose will be given about 5-10 tablets of activated charcoal for once to achieve the optimal detoxification process. Whereas in commercial drinks, at most only contain about 1-2 tsp of activated charcoal so that this drink does not necessarily give the effect of cleaning the poison you want. Plus, the effectiveness and benefits have never been truly proven by strong clinical evidence.

Don't arbitrarily drink activated charcoal drinks

What people know as "detox" may be different from the detoxification process in the medical world. In an emergency, such as a drug overdose, spending large amounts of toxins will be very useful for the recovery of patients in a short time. But if you are not severely poisoned, regular consumption of active charcoal drinks is not a wise idea.

Activated charcoal is a detoxifying substance that is very strong and does not have "terms and conditions" specifically about what it can and cannot absorb. Lauren Minchen, a certified nutritionist from New York warns that because of its non-specific properties in absorbing certain compounds, charcoal can also bind with a number of nutrients such as vitamin C, niacin, pyrodyxin (vitamin B6), thiamine (vitamin B1 ), and biotin. This makes the food or drink you consume so losing the important nutrients contained in it. Activated charcoal can also absorb the medicines you are taking for your recovery.

The body actually has its own mechanism for removing toxins with the help of a kidney. If you want to achieve the most optimal detoxification results to enjoy the benefits, it will always be better to prioritize the health of the kidneys and the body as a whole rather than just relying on healthy food trends that always come and go.

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