Be Careful, Drinking Less Can Cause Appendicitis

Be Careful, Drinking Less Can Cause Appendicitis

Be Careful, Drinking Less Can Cause Appendicitis


Water is an important element in the human body. So it is very important to drink water and get enough fluid intake every day. Then, what is the danger if the body lacks fluid intake? Apparently besides dehydration, lack of drinking can also be one of the causes of appendicitis. Wait a minute, how can less water be the cause of appendicitis? Here's the full explanation.

Actually where is the appendix?

Appendicitis is not the name of a disease. The intestine in the human body itself varies, ranging from the small intestine, appendix, and large intestine. The appendix is ​​a part of the intestine in the human body which is a small part of the intestine that is in the lower right abdomen, which is only in the form of a small bulge path that is dead end The length of the appendix itself only ranges from 8-13 cm.

This inflammation of the appendix causes symptoms and is referred to as appendicitis. However, because many people mistakenly refer to "appendicitis" as a disease, not as a member of the body itself, the term is actually more often used to express appendicitis.

Appendicitis can occur due to a blockage of the appendicitis

One of the causes of appendicitis is a blockage that occurs in the appendix. As explained earlier, appendicitis is only a channel that leads to a small bulge with a dead end. If the channel leading to the appendix is ​​blocked, there is certainly no way out anywhere.

On the other hand, the intestines, including appendicitis, also continue to expel the fluid or mucus needed by the digestive tract. It can be imagined that with a blockage without an outlet and mucus that is continuously removed from the lining of the intestine, it will eventually cause an increase in pressure in the appendix and eventually can cause inflammation. If it is severe, appendicitis can also rupture and cause death.

Be Careful, Drinking Less Can Cause Appendicitis

Why can drinking less be the cause of appendicitis?

The cause of the most common blockage in the appendix is ​​feces. However, the stool in question is the one that has hardened due to the buildup of feces in the digestive tract. This kind of stool is called fecalith. Small fecaliths in the intestine can get trapped in and eventually clog into the appendix.

Fecalith itself can occur due to constipation (constipation) that has lasted a long time. Constipation is a condition in which stool hardens due to a lack of fluid so it is difficult to remove and eventually trapped in the digestive tract. The formation of fecalith can be prevented by avoiding constipation. The trick is to increase fiber consumption and consume lots of fluids, especially water.

Levels of fiber and consumption of fluids will make the stool soft enough so it won't harden and get stuck in the appendix. A high-fiber diet can accelerate feces so that prolonged constipation does not occur. While consuming a lot of water will certainly make the faeces rich in liquid content, so it becomes soft and easy to remove. This is why lack of drinking water can be one of the causes of appendicitis.

However, keep in mind that not all fecaliths can be the cause of appendicitis. Vice versa, not all appendicitis is caused by fecalith or lack of drinking. If you experience symptoms of appendicitis, see your doctor immediately.

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