Baby's Weight Doesn't Increase, Is It Due to Mother's Quality of Breastmilk Bad?

Baby's Weight Doesn't Increase, Is It Due to Mother's Quality of Breastmilk Bad?

Baby's Weight Doesn't Increase, Is It Due to Mother's Quality of Breastmilk Bad?


He said, if the baby's weight doesn't increase it means that the quality of the mother's milk is not good. This is why many mothers choose to directly replace breast milk with formula milk in an effort to fatten their babies. But, is it true that the quality of your breast milk is bad, causing your baby to never gain weight?

How do I know the quality of my ASI is bad?

After giving birth, the mother's body is designed to produce the best food for her baby. In this case, the food is ASI. Therefore, the actual quality of your milk may not be bad because the body is prioritizing the production of breast milk. Even when you are in a state of malnutrition.

This is because your body is designed to divert all available nutrient nutrients to keep breast milk quality. So, you could say you can't produce milk of poor quality, unless you are experiencing malnutrition which includes malnutrition.

It's true, the baby's weight that doesn't go up can be caused by the poor quality of breast milk. However, once again this happens when the mother's nutritional status is also bad. The quality of breast milk is not the only reason why your child does not experience weight gain.

Various other reasons that make a baby experience growth disorders

Basically, babies who are given exclusive breastfeeding will not experience growth disorders because breast milk is designed to meet the needs of the baby. If your baby is experiencing growth disorders, such as weight does not go up or even decreases, then there are several other things that might cause it, namely:

  • Infectious disease . In this case, precisely the role of ASI is needed by babies to strengthen their immune systems.
  • Problems in the digestive tract . Babies who experience digestive disorders, may not be able to absorb all the nutrients contained in breast milk so that their weight does not increase.
  • Frequency and less breastfeeding duration . Infants with less breastfeeding frequency will tend to experience food shortages and have an impact on their nutritional status.
  • Quantity of ASI is less . This is related to the frequency of breastfeeding the baby, the less often the baby suckles, the mother's body will be difficult to produce milk due to no stimulation. The baby's suction is stimulation for the mother's body to produce a large amount of milk.

Baby's Weight Doesn't Increase, Is It Due to Mother's Quality of Breastmilk Bad?

How do you improve the quality of ASI?

Even though you know that your body must guarantee the quality of breastmilk produced, maybe you will still feel worried. Relax, make sure if you do the following things to be able to produce breast milk with better quality:

1. Make sure to apply a balanced nutrition diet

Even though breast milk definitely contains complete nutrients, it is important for mothers to eat healthy foods with balanced nutrition. For example, choosing foods that contain good fats and avoid consuming trans fats. The reason is, in a study published in the European Journal of Clinical Nutrition, it was found that breastfeeding mothers who consumed a lot of trans fat a day tended to make their babies also have high body fat levels.

2. Eating food according to calorie needs

The calorie needs you need when breastfeeding are certainly more when you are not breastfeeding. By fulfilling calorie needs, your body will be easier to produce breast milk that has better quality.

So, if you have applied balanced nutrition and a healthy lifestyle, don't worry about the quality and quantity of your milk. if indeed your child has a growth disorder or a certain symptom, you should immediately check the baby to the nearest health service.

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