At the Age of How Many Children Can Be Given UHT Milk?

At the Age of How Many Children Can Be Given UHT Milk?

At the Age of How Many Children Can Be Given UHT Milk?


At the Age of How Many Children Can Be Given UHT Milk?

Children need adequate vitamins and minerals to grow and develop properly. From babies to two years old, milk is the main food and drink. The high content of calcium and vitamin D in milk is needed to keep bones healthy and strong.

Well, besides drinking breast milk, your little one may also be able to start being given extra milk. One of the milk additives which is high in calcium which is good for children is cow's milk through the UHT (Ultra High Temperature) process. However, many mothers are hesitant and wonder, when is the right time to give UHT milk children?

What is UHT milk?

UHT milk is milk that is heated with high heating technology to kill all microorganisms in milk. To reduce changes in the nutritional content of UHT milk due to high temperature heating, there is a processing technology so that the nutrient content in milk does not just disappear.

High Temperature Short Time (HTST) is a method of short heating with a temperature of 140 to 145 Celsius for 4 seconds that is able to kill harmful bacteria while maintaining the nutrients in milk.

At these extremely high temperatures, all bacteria carrying dangerous diseases including spores and enzymes that damage milk will die. Milk that has been heated then immediately put into the container so that bacteria from the outside do not have the opportunity to enter and contaminate milk.

With this very high heating system, UHT milk has a longer shelf life at room temperature. In fact, if the seal has not been opened UHT milk can be stored without refrigerators for up to nine months with quality that does not decrease.

From what age do children get UHT milk?

Children may be given UHT milk when their digestive system is mature and able to digest cow's milk.

Russell Horton, DO, a pediatrician at the Banner Health Center in Queen Creek, Arizona, said that cow's milk can be digested by children aged one year and above. This is because at this age the baby's digestive system is considered mature and able to digest various contents contained in cow's milk.

UHT milk which is cow's milk has a high concentration of protein and minerals. So that if the digestive system is not ready, this will burden the baby's kidneys that are not fully mature.

In addition, cow's milk protein can irritate the digestive system layer if given incorrectly. As a result, if you have given cow's milk before the child is one year old, your baby is at risk of developing anemia from the irritated intestinal lining.

How to choose UHT milk that is suitable for children

UHT milk is very good given as extra milk after children aged one year and above. According to the American Academy of Pediatrics, this is because the content of UHT milk is free from harmful microorganisms, thus preventing various infections that endanger the child's body such as those caused by Salmonella, E. coli, Listeria and other bacteria.

Before buying, make sure to choose the right UHT milk by looking at the composition.

The right UHT milk for children 1 year and above is high in calcium so that it is good for growing children. As well as containing fat and protein levels that are right for toddler nutritional needs.

Full cream milk contains fat that is high enough and good for your little one. Children need whole fat in milk to support the growth and development of their brains in the first year.

The more fat content in milk, the higher the good fat content, the omega-3 fatty acids that are very good for your baby's health and brain development.

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