Are you good at sports? Try Checking Your Finger Length!

Are you good at sports? Try Checking Your Finger Length!

Are you good at sports? Try Checking Your Finger Length!


Who would have thought, the length of your fingers seems to predict how great your ability is in the field of sports. This has been proven in scientific research, you know. According to research, if the length of your ring finger and index finger are the same, you will be better at sports. Conversely, if your ring finger and index finger are not the same length with a large enough difference, you may not be good at exercising.

How does the length of one's fingers affect their ability to exercise? See the explanation below, let's say.

Why is the finger length always different?

The length of each finger is determined in the initial phase of fetal development or in the second trimester of pregnancy. This is regulated by a balance between testosterone and estrogen.

The growing ring finger has a large number of receptors or recipients of the hormone testosterone. Therefore, the more testosterone produced by the fetus, the ring finger will grow longer.

What does it mean if someone's index finger and ring finger are the same height?

In general, people with index fingers and ring fingers that are equally likely tend to have better exercise abilities.

The ratio of the length of your index finger and ring finger is referred to as the difference in the length of the finger. For example, your index finger is 7 centimeters (cm) long and your ring finger is 7.5 cm long. Then the difference between your ring finger and index finger is 0.5 or half cm.

In 2001, there was a study that showed that professional soccer players had a smaller difference between index and ring fingers compared to people who were not sports athletes. That is, the two fingers are almost the same height or indeed the same height.

Despite variations in various sports, other studies have also shown that people with smaller finger length tend to be better at basketball, running, wrestling, surfing, swimming, tennis and volleyball.

The relationship between finger length and exercise ability is not only observed in male athletes, but also in female athletes.

Are you good at sports? Try Checking Your Finger Length!

What is the connection between the fingers and one's physical abilities?

Your finger length is considered a measure to estimate how much testosterone levels you get during developing in the womb. The hormone testosterone itself greatly affects the growth and development of several body organs such as the brain, heart, muscles, and bones. The growth of these organs perfectly in fact can make a person's athletic abilities to the maximum.

In addition, many studies have proven that people with smaller index and ring finger differences tend to have better visual, spatial (spatial or layout mapping) and cognitive abilities.

These abilities are very important in sports, where athletes must be able to read games, set strategies, and make decisions in a short time.

However, that does not mean that the person with the length of the ring finger and index finger is far away is definitely not good at sports. Sports performance is very training, how come. The key is to routinely practice and live a healthy lifestyle so that the body can support your activities.

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