Although Often Avoided, Apparently Dinner Has Health Benefits

Although Often Avoided, Apparently Dinner Has Health Benefits

Although Often Avoided, Apparently Dinner Has Health Benefits


Although Often Avoided, Apparently Dinner Has Health Benefits

Each meal has different benefits for the body. For example, at breakfast. Meal hours in the morning are useful as energy intake to start a variety of activities. While lunch is useful as a means of resting from activities to replenish energy and a sense of focus on the mind. Well if the benefits of dinner are what?

Many people actually avoid dinner because they are considered as triggers for weight gain. Eits, but it turns out that dinner also has important benefits for the body, you know!

Benefits of health dinner

1. Provide energy intake

Dinner is the body's last energy intake because you will not eat again for at least 10 hours or more than night until breakfast time arrives. Therefore, you must ensure that you have enough glucose supply in the body to be used as fuel during sleep.

Often, the reason you often wake up in the middle of the night is when your blood sugar levels decrease. This makes the body have to release the reserves of glucose stored in the body, causing you to wake up during sleep, and even sometimes it causes difficulty sleeping again.

To overcome this, it is very important to eat the right dinner which combines protein (meat, eggs, beans) and carbohydrates (potatoes, pasta, rice, vegetables and fruit) so that later can release glucose stably into the bloodstream.

2. Stabilize mood

Besides being able to stabilize blood sugar, proper dinner is also needed in order to get the right amino acid. Amino acids work as neurotransmitters that carry messages to the nervous system. In addition, amino acids also play an important role in arousing moods.

One of the hormones formed by amino acids is serotonin which affects moods such as feelings of comfort, relaxation, optimism, and others. Therefore, if serotonin levels are insufficient, it affects mood disorders, sleep problems, and compulsive aggressive behavior.

Humans get serotonin from foods containing tryptophan amino acids. Therefore, it is very important at dinner that you eat foods that contain protein, and are balanced with the intake of foods that contain carbohydrates, but of course low-fat ones.

Some foods contain tryptophan which is good for the body namely chicken, turkey, fresh tuna, soybeans, nuts, seeds, and bananas.

3. Refreshing the mind

With a busy day spent, sometimes we forget to just enjoy life in a simple way - gather with family and loved ones, for example. The benefits of other dinners are to offer the perfect opportunity as a means of gathering to relieve fatigue and stress after a day of activity.

A study conducted by Harvard researchers found that families who eat dinner together every day get adequate nutritional intake such as calcium, fiber, iron, vitamins B6 and B12, and vitamins C and E. This is because cooked food at home usually cooked the right way.

The rules for dinner to stay healthy and not make it fat

There are several things that must be considered so that you can still get the benefits of dinner without disturbing your health or making your weight gain.

  • Eating at night is permissible, only it must be done properly. Always pay attention to calorie intake absorbed by the body.
  • It takes about 20 minutes for the body to feel if the stomach is full. Therefore, eat slowly, don't rush. This will prevent you from eating too much and ending satiety.
  • Don't eat too late. This is because the longer you delay dinner, the more likely you are to overeat because you will feel more hungry. Try dinner no later than 8pm and do not go straight to bed after eating. Give it 3 hours so that the body can digest food before you sleep.
  • Avoid fatty foods late at night. Because the fatty food is not very good for the body. In addition, foods that contain fat are very difficult to digest, allowing you to experience digestive disorders such as stomach aches, which cause your sleep quality to be disrupted.

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