Allergy Turns Out to Reduce Sex Passion (How to Overcome It?)

Allergy Turns Out to Reduce Sex Passion (How to Overcome It?)

Allergy Turns Out to Reduce Sex Passion (How to Overcome It?)


Allergy Turns Out to Reduce Sex Passion (How to Overcome It?)

Allergy symptoms such as sneezing, runny nose, irritating eyes, itching, and fatigue that arise can disrupt activities and have a major impact on the quality of one's life. In fact, studies show that allergies can also affect sexual life and cause sex drive to decrease. Why is that? Check out the following review.

Impact of allergy to sex

Reporting from WebMD, studies show that allergies can make it difficult for a person to sleep well. This makes sufferers drowsy the next day and cannot concentrate with work.

Then, in a study of 400 people with allergic rhinitis (hay fever), 83% showed that these allergies affected their sex lives at least once, while the remaining 17% showed that allergies always affected their sex lives.

One writer named Place, from Santa Barbara, California said, "My sex drive is the lowest during the allergy season. All the cold and sinus allergies that I have, make me not in the mood for sex at all. "

Why do allergies make sex drive decrease?

Many studies have suggested that a person's decreased sex drive is caused by symptoms of allergies that appear. The following symptoms and effects on sex.


One of the things that makes sex drive increase is the presence of pheromones. When going to have sex, usually the couple will experience each pheromone. Pheromones are a type of chemical that spreads outside the body to stimulate and attract sexual attraction. However, when a nasal congestion due to allergies appears, of course this will limit the sense of smell of pheromones and cause sex drive to decrease.


Colds can disrupt breathing and make it difficult for sufferers to sleep soundly. If this happens for days, the body will become less energetic and less romantic. As a result, the nervous system that controls the ability to be sexually aroused becomes disrupted. Naturally, when your body is experiencing allergic inflammation, you will choose to rest and restore your health.

Other symptoms

Cliffort W. Bassett, MD, assistant professor of medicine and otolaryngology at Long Island Collage Hospital in Brooklyn, New York says itching, watery eyes, or swelling due to allergies sometimes causes partners to become embarrassed and avoid intimate contact, especially in women .

How to deal with it?

Allergy Turns Out to Reduce Sex Passion (How to Overcome It?)

The best way to restore your sex drive is to manage and maximize your condition, if necessary, consult with a doctor to get the right treatment possible. Try the following tips.

1. Avoid allergy triggers

Allergens generally come from mites, pollen or dust, and pet dander. For this reason, keeping the house clean of allergens prevents your allergies from recurring. If you have hay fever, when you go outdoors, you should use a mask and remove the outer clothes you use before entering the room and immediately clean your body.

If you are allergic to animal hair, you should not keep cats or dogs. Turtles or fish can be your pet's choice.

2. Control room temperature

Be sure to maintain room temperature and realize when to open or close the window or turn on and turn off the air conditioner.

3. Keep the house clean

Keep your bed clean by regularly changing blankets and sheets. Make sure to soak it in warm water before washing it and drying it in the sun.

4. Check the medication you are taking

If there is a drug that makes your body tired, consider replacing the drug with another one according to your doctor's advice. When going to have sex, take allergy medication about 30 to 40 minutes beforehand to make sure the medicine can work properly.

Many people who do not realize that their allergies cause their sex levels to decrease. For that, tell your allergies so that your partner understands the situation and helps you deal with the symptoms.

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