After Ejaculation, Have to Wait How Long until "Strong" Again?

After Ejaculation, Have to Wait How Long until "Strong" Again?

After Ejaculation, Have to Wait How Long until "Strong" Again?


When you are flooded with passion, you and your partner may plan to have sex several times a night. Especially for couples who are on a honeymoon. However, men may worry that they cannot continue having sex immediately (second round) after the first orgasm. This might also make women wonder, when is a strong husband again to make love after the first round. Instead of guessing, first consider the following explanation.

How long can a man get an erection after ejaculation?

Dr. Richard K Lee from Weill Cornell Medicine said that men are not like women in sex. To be ready to reach the next orgasm, men need time. Indeed there is no definite data that addresses how long the time needed for men to be "strong" again until ejaculation after the first orgasm. However, it is assumed that the range is very different between men.

The time ranges from 30 minutes to 24 hours. However, there is no standard time that can be said to be normal because there is no research data that can prove it. Therefore, you do not need to worry if it takes a long time until your might or husband returns again.

Factors that affect erection time


Reported on the Men 's Health page, research in the Journal of Sexual Medicine reveals that the more you age, the more erection after the first orgasm will be.

Young men in their 20s have erectile abilities that are strong enough to have intimate relationships for up to two or more rounds. Even a few minutes after having sex, men in their 20s will recover faster. According to a sexual health expert and psychologist from South Africa, Marelize Swart, men in their 20s may only need 15-30 minutes to reach the next orgasm.

Unbalanced hormones

In addition to age, it is thought there is a role for the hormone prolactin. After a man reaches the peak of his orgasm, there is a surge in the prolactin hormone. This surge that can contribute to the effect of inhibiting arousal and ejaculation.

Richard K Lee, MD suspects that several lifestyles can also influence the longer the distance between the first and second orgasms. Drinking alcohol or masturbating regularly can extend the time it takes for a man to recharge his sex power.

But if a new man can spend days rebuilding his orgasms, you should consult your doctor. There may be other factors that influence. Factors such as stress, side effects of treatment, or the presence of heart problems can affect the occurrence of erectile dysfunction aka impotence.

After Ejaculation, Have to Wait How Long until

If both are still strong, there is no need to wait again

Reported in kinsey confident, Debby Herbenick, PHD, MPH lecturer from Indiana University School of Public Health-Bloomington stated that if both people feel comfortable and are immediately ready to do the second round, it really doesn't matter.

Indeed, basically it takes time to restore the strength of a man, but for some there are also those who can directly. However, if your partner feels sick and uncomfortable, you should delay the second half until the husband is strong again or even continues the next day.

What is the danger if you go straight to the second round?

Sexual intercourse is not like a sports competition that requires a definite rest period between the first round, the second round, and the final. There are no definite rules when talking about sex. There are also no health risks if having direct sex between rounds one and two.

Everything depends on what you and your partner want. Some chose to finish immediately, some chose to go on again, like a marathon. So, of course only you can answer it yourself with a partner when you can continue to the second round.

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