8 Tips for Living a Relationship from a Friend Become a Girlfriend Without Awareness

8 Tips for Living a Relationship from a Friend Become a Girlfriend Without Awareness

8 Tips for Living a Relationship from a Friend Become a Girlfriend Without Awareness


8 Tips for Living a Relationship from a Friend Become a Girlfriend Without Awareness

Friends and girlfriends are two different statuses. Indeed, courtship status can be initiated by friendship first. So, it has become normal if you experience a transition from a friend to a girlfriend. This is certainly a challenge in itself, so you also have to be smart in managing your strategies so that you don't get clumsy or even take refuge with friends but are only intimate.

Tips for dealing with changes from friends to girlfriends

1. Make sure that you really want this relationship

Even though you have spent a lot of time with "ex-friends" who are now lovers, you still need to convince yourself and your partner once again. Ask yourself and your partner what are the benefits and risks that can occur with the transition of a friend to this girlfriend.

Do you both enjoy time spent together? Do moods tend to improve when together? Is there a risk of losing a friend if in the end there is a problem that cannot be resolved?

Reassure your partner if you really want this relationship, and ask if your partner also wants it. If he is a jealous type that is too restraining your movements, try asking yourself again. Has it really been the decision to change the status of a friend to be this boyfriend?

2. Avoid asking too much about clarity of status

A good relationship is actually built with the right moment. So, avoid overestimating the clarity of the status because this can make your romantic side disappear.

So, just go through the friend's relationship to be a boyfriend well while occasionally seeing how your partner behaves. Does he really listen when you talk? Does he really enjoy time with you? If all of these questions get the answer "Yes", then it's enough to prove that he enjoys the transition from friends to girlfriends.

3. Stay open to each other

After taking a new status from being a girlfriend, the level of openness and communication is certainly more developed. You and he must be more open with each other.

Actually, you might have prepared a list of things that are propelling to communicate to your partner, but because of this dating status you become more afraid of hurting. However, both of you still need to discuss, what kind of relationship you want and why. It is useful to find out how much commitment both parties want.

If you or your partner are not ready to be open to each other, give pause for a while. Because, commitment is not a playful thing. However, if he still can't open, it's a good idea to think again. Already is your decision both with the status of a friend to be this boyfriend?

4. Enhance your social spirit

According to a recent British study, people tend to be more interested in couples who have a high social life. Because, prioritizing others can be a sign that you have a good and sincere heart.

Prove through simple things in everyday life, for example donating to charitable organizations, helping difficult neighbors, and so on. Do these good things as often as possible and show them that you are not selfless when doing it.

8 Tips for Living a Relationship from a Friend Become a Girlfriend Without Awareness

5. Enjoy both time

One way to bond your relationship with your boyfriend is to enjoy time together and avoid any kind of interference. Take for example, when you and your partner spend time with dinner together, make sure you are both far from the reach of each cellphone so that communication runs in focus.

To avoid being bored, look for different places than usual. For example by watching a concert band favorite or climbing mountains together. Because the new things will be unforgettable memories for both of you so that the relationship will be stronger.

6. Occasionally give a pause in the relationship

Apparently, you need to occasionally be "expensive". That is, don't give your personal time 24 hours non-stop for him. Instead of avoiding it, it is useful to know how much he values ​​your presence. Because, when you always stick to it, your partner can feel that he doesn't really need you.

Do special tricks on this matter. For example, don't rush back into a chat or try to spend the weekend with your friends, not with your lover. These methods will help your partner realize that your time is very valuable. He will also do various ways to be able to continue with you, unlike the age still friends first where both are still ignorant.

7. Don't overcame

Having a friend's status as a girlfriend doesn't necessarily make you change yourself 180 degrees to be liked by your partner. Likewise, on the contrary, you do not have to force him to become the figure you have been dreaming of all this time.

Even changing the status of being a boyfriend doesn't allow you to restrain each other. If you want to go to a movie but he already has an appointment with his friends, just leave it. You don't need to force him to cancel all of his plans.

Because the drastic and curbing changes will certainly make both of you who were only friends become "hot". Preferably, let the chemistry of both of you as a couple wake up firmly first.

8. Show your attention

Changes in status of friends so boyfriends require you to be more concerned with your lover than when you are a friend. Now, show your attention starting from small things to build close relationships, for example giving simple gifts or just encouraging messages in the morning.

When dating, show your concern by asking lots of questions concerning the life of your partner, for example about his hobbies or his childhood life. Because, men and women tend to be attracted to people who are able to make them feel cared for.

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