8 Things That Can Disrupt Erectile Ability

8 Things That Can Disrupt Erectile Ability

8 Things That Can Disrupt Erectile Ability


8 Things That Can Disrupt Erectile Ability

Talking about erection is talking about blood flow. Your heart, aka the organ that pumps blood, must have optimal stamina in order to produce the best erection. Anything that pollutes your heart, such as smoking addiction, certainly has an effect on your penis's performance.

Testosterone is the second crucial factor in terms of erection, and there are many strange things that can disrupt its production. Check out the following list of eight things that can interfere with your erectile abilities.

1. Plastic bottles and canned drinks

Bottles of drinking from cans and plastic contain high levels of bisphenol-A (BPA), a substance that triggers the production of the female hormone estrogen. The BPA content can trigger excessive estrogen production and cause hormonal changes that will affect your virility, this was obtained from a study at Kaiser Permanente. In addition, the types of paper and ink used by most receipts in supermarkets and ATM receipts are also printed using BPA-containing paper.

2. Dessert

Eating a piece of sweet cake or a can of soft drinks can result in an increase in blood sugar levels which stimulates the release of the hormone insulin. According to a study from Irish and American Researcher, it will make your penis more difficult to erect. This connection of sugar-insulin-testosterone also explains why your testosterone levels tend to be high in the morning and make you have an erection in the morning, when your blood sugar is low because you haven't eaten for hours.

3. It's hard to close your eyes

According to the University of Chicago, sleeping for 5 hours a night is enough to increase testosterone levels by as much as 10% among healthy young men. Sleep is very important for testosterone production. So if you don't get enough sleep, which is about 8 hours a night, don't be surprised if your erection is visible.

4. Babies in your bedroom

Sleeping near a newborn, even if the baby sleeps in a different bed but still in one room, can reduce your testosterone production by 7 percent or more, according to studies from Notre Dame and Northwestern University. You might think the reason is because you often wake up at night because of baby crying, but there is evidence that shows that hormonal changes caused by sleeping in a noise source, even if you don't wake up, can also trigger a decrease in testosterone.

5. Soybean

Although it is every vegan's favorite food ingredient as a substitute for animal protein, soybeans are like estrogen, which is a steroid compound and functions as a sex hormone in women, so it can reduce testosterone levels in your body. A study from Harvard Medical School found that a little soy will not reduce your libido. However, consuming large amounts of soybeans, especially if used as daily food, can cause problems for your erection.

6. The heart beats too often

Running more than 60 km per week can reduce testosterone levels by around 17 percent, according to research from the University of British Columbia. Too much running can also interfere with communication between the brain and hormone-producing glands, which might explain why hardcore runners experience a decrease in testosterone.

7. Liquor

Some components of alcoholic beverages, from hops in beer to congeners in wine, have estrogen-like properties that can reduce your testosterone, according to a University of Oklahoma study. Fortunately, you only need to drink more than two glasses of water every day to reduce the effects of the liquor, according to sources from the University of Wisconsin.

8. Rarely out of the house

Vitamin D has an important role in testosterone production. If you don't get enough vitamin D from sun exposure or from food, your testosterone levels can go down to 20 percent or more, according to research conducted in Germany and Austria. But take it easy, according to a Harvard Medical School report, sunbathing for 15 minutes with arms and legs that are not covered in clothing can meet our daily dose of vitamin D.


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