8 Rules for Using Makeup While Being Spotty

8 Rules for Using Makeup While Being Spotty

8 Rules for Using Makeup While Being Spotty


Using spotty makeup is a dilemma for many women. One side wants to look beautiful with makeup, but one side of fear of acne on the face becomes more inflamed. Wrong, right? Actually you don't need to worry about wearing makeup or not. You only need to follow some makeup rules for pimpled skin below. What needs to be done?

Rules that must be obeyed to use makeup when spotty

1. Don't forget to use a moisturizer

The first step to using makeup when spotty is to use a moisturizer first. For skin with severe acne, it's better to use a skin moisturizer from a doctor's prescription or at least use one with benzoyl peroxide. These ingredients will relieve inflammation of zits. Also choose an oil-free moisturizer, using hyaluronic acid and glycerin ingredients because it will make the skin moisturized not dry

2. Get to know the ingredients before buying make up

Before you buy a new makeup product, check the make up ingredients. Check ingredients that will make your skin inflamed. Also equip yourself with the knowledge of which ingredients are good and not good for skin with acne.

3. Use primer

The third rule of use for spotty makeup, likes to be forgotten a lot by women, which is wearing a primer. The primary role in acne-prone skin is very large. Primers help reduce open pores and thus stop skin blockage which is the main reason why acne tends to appear.

4. Avoid all makeup products that make your face oily

When buying makeup products, make sure the one you buy is a light, non-greasy product. The product you have to look for besides anti-oil is a product that contains hypoallergenic and non-comedogenic ingredients.

5. Use sunscreen

Many say that sunscreens make zits even more. But, so far the facts even say the opposite. The choice of the wrong sunscreen for your skin is the cause of acne. Because basically a sunscreen with a high SPF is indeed oily, because the main ingredient is oil. For those with acne, you can choose a gel-based sunscreen that will reduce acne production.

6. Make sure the makeup tool is diligently cleaned

Makeup brushes or commonly called applicators must always be clean. Using makeup when acne does make you vulnerable to germs on the brush. Bacteria and germs easily move from brush to facial skin if indeed you are lazy to clean makeup tools. Wash 3 times a week and avoid it from an open place, store it in a cool place.

7. Try switching to another makeup brand

It may be that the brand or makeup you normally use is not the type that is suitable for your acne prone skin. Now, never follow the words of people to use the same type or brand of makeup. Because all makeup has a different response to the skin on people's faces. By switching to another brand, maybe you will find the right makeup for your face.

8. Try appearing occasionally without make up

Use makeup when it is spotty, actually it will only make facial skin worse. Try using makeup occasionally, or if the face really needs it very well. By not using makeup, you also help your face rest from chemicals and give your skin the chance to breathe inhale oxygen without chemical resistance.

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