8 Benefits of Soursop Fruit for Body Health

8 Benefits of Soursop Fruit for Body Health

8 Benefits of Soursop Fruit for Body Health


8 Benefits of Soursop Fruit for Body Health

Who doesn't like soursop? It tastes a little sour, the meat is chewy, but it's very refreshing. Who would have thought this fruit has amazing benefits for health? The content contained in soursop can cure various skin problems, even said it can cure certain cancers. Wow, really? Let's see more, a myriad of soursop fruit benefits for our body's health.

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What are the benefits of soursop fruit?

Thank God that this fruit grows in Indonesia. Soursop is also commonly found in South American countries. This fruit is green, the shape resembles the 'heart' with small spikes that are not too sharp. The taste is a combination of strawberries and pineapple, very unique. Apart from being consumed directly, this fruit can be processed into desserts, sweets and traditional medicines. Of course, you can also make this fruit as a juice or smoothies. Well, want to know what are the benefits? Here are the benefits that you can get from soursop:

1. Kill parasites

It turns out that soursop has long been a popular traditional medicine in Latin America and South America. Antiparasitic and antibacterial properties can protect the body from parasitic infections, this occurs because soursop contains vitamin C.

2. Cleanses the digestive tract

Besides the fruit, you can also use soursop leaves for treatment related to the digestive tract. The leaves can be consumed by brewing it like tea. Soursop leaves and meat can be used to cleanse the intestine, and your gastrointestinal system will be smooth. This is because soursop can stimulate diuretic hormones. Vitamin C in soursop can strengthen the body's immunity, it's no wonder soursop is used for years to treat scabies and dysentery. Alkaloids and quinolones, included in the anti-inflammatory component that can reduce parasites in the intestine, and reduce pain and abdominal pain.

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3. Helps cure pain

Anti-inflammatory compounds not only relieve abdominal pain, but also relieve joint pain or inflammation such as arthritis. Pain can be relieved by rubbing soursop on a painful part of the body. Another benefit obtained is increasing flexibility.

4. Relieves the respiratory tract

Soursop fruit is a suitable food to eat when you are struggling with cough, flu, or other respiratory disorders. Soursop has expectorant properties, which can be relied upon to remove phlegm and mucus, where many pathogens /viruses can live. Soursop contains ascorbic acid which can help fight free radicals and infections. By reducing bacterial and viral infections, you can speed up the healing of flu and cough. Besides the fruit, you can also use a soursop fruit stew to help heal the sinuses and relieve the throat.

5. Relieve stress

Soursop tea has been used for centuries to relieve stress. Anti-inflammatories in soursop can make a person feel calm. This is good for when you suffer from excessive stress and anxiety. You need to be free from stress, because stress hormones can damage and disrupt your metabolic system. Besides helping to relieve stress, the calming effect can help you to overcome insomnia.

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6. Skin health

Soursop seeds can be used as a freshener for the skin. When you destroy soursop seeds and fruit, and apply to the skin, it can bring benefits to the skin. Soursop can reduce wrinkle lines, and reduce symptoms of skin aging. Antioxidants in soursop can rejuvenate the skin and protect your skin from bacterial infections.

7. Improve the immune system

Nutrients contained in soursop are vitamins C, B1, and B2. Vitamin C is needed by the body to maintain the body's immune system, because these vitamins will stimulate the formation of white blood cells. These vitamins are also a type of antioxidant that can prevent chronic diseases.

8. Prevent cancer

Research reveals that soursop contains derivatives of fatty acids called annonaceous acetogenins. This compound can be linked to cancer prevention and tumor size reduction. Other studies have revealed that the content in soursop can be used as an alternative for cancer treatment. Acetogenins in soursop are thought to be able to cut abnormal cell development from the bloodstream. Often soursop is associated with one of the treatments for breast, prostate and lung cancer.

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