7 Ways to Tighten Sagging Skin Due to Weight Loss

7 Ways to Tighten Sagging Skin Due to Weight Loss

7 Ways to Tighten Sagging Skin Due to Weight Loss


After successfully losing weight, there is one more homework that has not been completed. Yep! The question of how to tighten sagging skin due to weight loss. Even though it already has the ideal body weight, but if the skin appears to loosen it tends to sag it is indeed very disturbing appearance.

Here are some tips that can be done to re-tighten the sagging skin due to weight loss.

1. Drink enough water

Water does have many health benefits for the body including the skin. Water can help increase skin elasticity, making the skin tighter, smoother and more radiant. It is recommended to consume white ari at least six glasses per day or even more.

2. Sports

According to Cedric Bryant, head of the science section of the American Council on Exercise, regular exercise such as weight training can shape muscle strength.

Besides doing weight lifting, you can also do abdominal exercises such as sit ups, crunches, leg raises, and other sports that are based on the stomach. Do sports for 15 to 60 minutes three times a week to really see the results.

3. Moisturizes the skin

Use a moisturizer that contains vitamin E in it. This is because vitamin E is good for the growth of new skin cells. Besides using a moisturizer can minimize wrinkles. You can also use coconut oil and olive oil as natural moisturizers because they have antibacterial properties to soothe the skin.

4. Massage

Massage can help improve blood circulation in the body and stimulate the elasticity of your skin. You can do your own massage or with a partner. Use your favorite essential oil that has a soothing aroma.

5. Avoid exposure to sunlight

Too much exposure to sunlight will have a negative effect on the elasticity of your skin because it makes the skin dry and damages skin cells. Don't forget to use a sunscreen containing SPF when you decide to do outdoor activities.

6. Consume fruits and vegetables

After getting the ideal body weight, it doesn't mean you forget about diet habits easily. Keep a diet with lots of fruits and vegetables that contain antioxidants, vitamins and minerals that can help nourish the skin. Besides eating fruit and vegetables also helps you maintain a stable body weight.

7. Patient

When faced with problems with sagging or sagging due to weight loss the things that can be done next after doing activities as described above you just need to be patient. The skin takes longer to adapt to the effects of weight loss due to skin regeneration.

In addition, keep in mind that the level of skin elasticity varies depending on age, so in some cases the skin cannot return to elasticity like the initial.

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