7 Ways to Prevent Injuries in the Thigh Due to Blisters (and How to Treat It)

7 Ways to Prevent Injuries in the Thigh Due to Blisters (and How to Treat It)

7 Ways to Prevent Injuries in the Thigh Due to Blisters (and How to Treat It)


7 Ways to Prevent Injuries in the Thigh Due to Blisters (and How to Treat It)

Groin or thigh chafing occurs when the inner thighs touch (or come into contact with cloth) when you walk or run, creating friction that damages the outer layer of the skin, causing the thigh skin to become sensitive and inflamed.

This reddish rash will make you uncomfortable when wearing a dress, skirt or pants - especially when it's hot and humid. When you sweat, moist air from sweat will stick to the skin and further break down the skin layer.

Reported from Health, according to Dr. Melissa Piliang, MD, dermatologist at Cleveland Clinic, anything that can absorb moisture can help prevent groin blisters. However, don't make deodorant your top choice - although deodorants will be quite effective in an emergency. According to Piliang, deodorants actually dry the skin. So, if you continue to use deodorants, your skin may become more inflamed. Then, what's the solution?

Various easy ways to treat blister groin


Wet and damp skin can make blisters worse. Powder can absorb oil and moisture from the skin layer. Before you leave the house, apply powder or baby powder to the inner thigh and groin folds, the area that will sweat a lot.

Petroleum jelly

Petroleum jelly acts as a lubricant to prevent blisters due to thigh friction. Apply jelly on the inner thigh and thigh fold. You can repeat the application several times throughout the day. Petroleum jelly can also be used to treat inflamed skin.

Lip balm

Similar to petroleum jelly, lip balm can prevent cuts to the thigh due to crotch blisters because the slippery texture provides a transparent barrier to prevent friction. For extra protection, you can apply roll-on antiperspirant deodorants in the most sensitive areas.

Tight shorts

Tight shorts (spanx) are a good choice when you want to wear a overalls. Tight shorts can help prevent abrasions on the thighs due to continuous friction. Fabric will act as a barrier between the skin to minimize friction and absorb sweat.

Coconut oil

Besides being effective for hair care. Coconut oil is also effective in preventing abrasions due to thigh friction. Simply mix a spoonful of coconut oil, baking soda and essential oil of your choice, then apply on the inner thighs and thigh folds.

Body lotion

Body lotion can be a quick solution to avoid blisters. Use a special lotion for sensitive skin or the type that improves dry skin. In addition, body lotion containing raw shea butter is also proven to be effective in preventing abrasions on the thighs.

Select the correct clothes

When exercising, wear body-fitted clothing with materials that do not trap sweat, such as synthetic fibers. Don't exercise using cotton shirts or pants. Cotton will only trap moisture and irritate the skin even worse. You can also consider doing separate exercise sessions for the upper and lower body alternating days to rest your thighs from excessive friction when sweating at the gym.

How to treat blisters, if it's too late?

Blisters on the thighs must be treated immediately, so don't ignore them. Clean the irritated area with water, do not rub it, and dry it well. You can also use mild moisturizing soap.

After cleaning, apply petroleum jelly. If the blisters are very painful, swollen, bleeding, or thickened the skin crusts, contact your doctor. Your doctor may prescribe medication ointments to inflammation your skin.

Give a break for your skin to recover completely, before you start active again. Wear loose and soft clothes during the day, and cotton pajamas while sleeping at night. Continuous friction will only make inflammation worse. If inflammation of your skin does not improve, you may need a doctor's antibiotic ointment to cure the area of ​​infection.


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