7 Tips for Enjoying Holidays for Chemotherapy Patients

7 Tips for Enjoying Holidays for Chemotherapy Patients

7 Tips for Enjoying Holidays for Chemotherapy Patients


For people with cancer who are undergoing chemotherapy, traveling or vacationing is useful for relieving stress and getting closer to the closest people. For example, when you want to unwind from the chemotherapy you are taking or want to find a new atmosphere. However, there may be many who are worried if a chemotherapy patient wants a vacation because they are afraid of troubling their family or closest relatives.

Tips on vacation for chemotherapy patients

Reporting from Verywell.com, there are seven travel tips that you can do to get a safe and positive trip even if you are undergoing chemotherapy.

1. Make travel plans

If you want to travel, you must maximize your health condition first. In addition, find out about the place you will visit. Some of the things you need to find out are:

  • Transportation to be used
  • Ease of access to medical care to reach

2. Make plans for activities while traveling

Then make an activity plan about what you will do there. We recommend that you multiply your rest time so that your body is not exhausted. Do not let you forget to tell this to the doctor. Because the activities you do while traveling must be adjusted to your health condition.

3. Discuss with your doctor about the plan

Usually, the doctor will provide a certificate about what medication you should take, medical facilities that need to be done when you experience an emergency, as well as records of hospital and doctor contacts that may be known to him in the place you are visiting.

4. Contact travel health insurance

If you travel abroad, you should contact the chemotherapy patient's health insurance. Especially for travel health insurance to make it easier for you to get access to health and payment.

5. Prepare items to be taken

Medication is a priority. Here is what you have to make sure before taking the medicine.

  • Make sure your medication supplies are more than adequate and complete. Because some of the drugs you consume are used up, not all countries provide them.
  • Pack the medicines properly. For example, labeling a clear name and dosage accordingly. When using a pill box, these drugs must be protected with cotton and put in a pill box to prevent damage to the drug during the trip.
  • Check the medication permission you are taking. In some countries, the use of pain medication, antidepressants, and stimulants is not permitted without a doctor's information.

Patients who undergo chemotherapy, usually often feel nauseous when boarding a plane or smelling food. To avoid this, you can bring your favorite food according to the doctor's advice. Also prepare anti-nausea medications that doctors usually prescribe for chemotherapy patients.

6. Get enough rest

This trip may be very important for you and busy to take care of this and that. Remember, your health must be prioritized. We recommend that you have enough rest both before the trip and during the trip. If necessary, ask for help such as a chair when you arrive at the airport terminal so you are not exhausted. During the trip, you can rest for 15-20 minutes every few hours to build and store energy in the next activity.

7. Enjoy your trip

Finally, you can enjoy your trip while building positive thoughts about your illness. Gathering with your family and enjoying your trip can reduce stress levels.

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