7 Signs of Stress That Are Often Unconscious

7 Signs of Stress That Are Often Unconscious

7 Signs of Stress That Are Often Unconscious


7 Signs of Stress That Are Often Unconscious

Solid activities often make us unconscious if our psychological condition is disturbed. Dr. Steve Peters, a professor and psychiatrist from Sheffield Medical School, has a list of things that might happen to you often without realizing it, which is actually a sign of something else.

The things below often go away and are considered normal to us, but it turns out that far behind that, the things below indicate that we are actually stressed and emotionally disturbed. What are these signs?

1. Feeling too emotional

In our free time, we often carry a lot of burden on the mind and problems in the head, until everything comes down to feelings and makes us emotional even crying. However, we often consider this as a normal thing, just a self-fragile state.

Don't underestimate such conditions. This turns out to be the forerunner of prolonged emotional disturbances in you.

2. Overtime when you don't need to

In this case, overtime is not only interpreted as work beyond the normal time limit, because it is an obligation. However, some people choose to stay in the office and delay going home for one reason or another that is personal.

Now overtime is often used as an 'intended' activity. That is, many people choose overtime because it can be used as an escape from a number of things you want to avoid, such as problems at home, relationship problems, trying to show off to your boss, and others. Indeed, it looks like a shortcut to prevent stress, but who would have thought that overtime actually brings stress and emotional disturbances?

In essence, overtime like this only acts as an escape from stress which will then bring deeper stress. Therefore, think twice if you force overtime when you are carrying a lot of thoughts that are personal.

3. Sensitive /angry quickly

There will be moments in our lives where we are very easily offended. Small things that disturb our comfort can we reply with anger that is not comparable. And the bad thing is, we often spill it on the people closest to us, or those we care about. This clearly illustrates that we are stressed and disturbed emotional stability.

For bosses, be careful about these symptoms. Staff or subordinates should not always be targeted. Because, the impact will be worse than what you imagined. Controlling yourself in a situation like this is indeed a quite difficult challenge for us, but when all is in control, then good things will come to us.

4. Mood swing

Mood swing is a condition where the distance between happiness, sadness, and anger feels so close. These three things occur suddenly without a clear cause. If this happens to you, something might be wrong with you.

Steve Peters has several solutions for you who may or may not be in this condition. Speak up Try to share and shed your feelings for someone who you think can give another perspective on life, it would be better if this person feels can be a solution or have a solution to the problems you are facing. Then, this can also open up and show what happens to us to ourselves. That is, sometimes by talking to other people we just realize what is happening to us.

5. Missing destination

Living with a clear purpose is good for us. We will go through days full of confidence and feel self-respect. However, what happens when what happens to us is the opposite, you feel you have no purpose.

We can get pleasure when we can overcome a goal, no matter how small the goal. So, it can be said that when we have a target, there will be a pleasure that we will achieve in the future. That means, if we feel that there is nothing to be addressed, then the promising pleasure is gone. This directs us to stress and emotional disturbances.

6. Always feel unappreciated

If someone feels that all his treatment is not valued, even if it is not, then that person may be suffering from psychological problems. Then, feeling unappreciated can have an impact on another spectrum of emotions such as frustration, anger, inferiority, even loss of self-confidence.

The best thing to do is to take over the mind set by thinking positively. Because, such conditions cannot be helped by anyone except those who control the mind.

7. Always want to be in control

Due to interference within us, we are driven to control the environment outside ourselves. This tendency is very common. In essence, we try as possible to change everything to be what we want it to be.


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