7 Habits That Can Damage Marriage

7 Habits That Can Damage Marriage

7 Habits That Can Damage Marriage


7 Habits That Can Damage Marriage

Marriage is something sacred, both parties must work together to build a long-term relationship even for life. Not only straighten the vision and mission of marriage, you and your partner must also evaluate each other themselves. Small problems when buried will be great. You might not like a couple's habits after marriage. Want to argue, but afraid to hurt his heart. Maybe, couples also do not like some of your habits, he also wants to reprimand, but fear makes you hurt. There are some habits that can destroy your marriage. What are these habits?

What are the habits that can destroy your marriage?

Here are some habits that are thought to make your relationship and your partner tenuous:

1. Make use of pairs

After marriage, both you and your partner have their respective roles. Men may give up kitchen matters to women, or vice versa, it doesn't matter if it is an agreement that has been agreed by both parties. However, when you use it to serve you without giving reciprocity, this will be an unhealthy relationship. You let your partner continue to serve you, without you giving back service to your partner, even rarely thanking him. Maybe your partner will accept at first, but he will feel neglected later on.

2. Obsessed with gadgets

You and your partner may be 'addicted' to something. No need to look hard. You, or your partner, may rarely have time together to talk, but are very active on social media. Not infrequently also when you have time together, you are both cool with each smartphone. According to Lisa Bahar, a licensed therapist for family and marriage at Newport Beach Calif, quoted by Lifescript's website, "Your addiction to something can be the third person in your marriage." Not only social media and gadgets, addiction can also be alcoholism, drugs drugs, gambling, or excessive shopping.

Even though the addiction does not involve sex or infidelity, still when something takes up more of your time, it can make you forget about your partner and damage your marriage. Make sure you understand the value of marriage, and realize how these habits affect your relationship.

3. Has no initiative to show affection

Maybe you feel your partner should be the first to show attention to you, so you don't take the initiative to show attention to him. You need to be careful, because this behavior can be a habit, even though your relationship and partner are well formed. The bad impact, a partner can become a misunderstanding of the habit, he will also assume that you do not really care about him. Small attention can make your relationship and your partner more intimate. The way to overcome this bad habit is to try to slowly pay attention when you feel you can control your feelings, try to see the positive response you get.

5. Adu arguments at any time

When we have an opinion, indeed the goal is to be heard. But, what if one of you doesn't budge? Of course the solution will not be achieved, right? Adu can also be a habit. You might not be able to reverse the words for various reasons. Believe me, this will not end, you and your partner only express their respective reasons without presenting a solution. There is nothing wrong with talking well, listening to each other, without having to blame each other.

6. Avoid sex

If you start avoiding having sex with your partner, maybe your marriage is in trouble. First of all, you might avoid sex by reason of feeling tired, or else, your partner understands for that reason. Slowly, you will get used to avoid sex, hoping the couple will understand. Of course, your partner will wonder about your attitude, intimacy will decrease as you behave like that.

Try to find what makes you uninterested in having sex with your partner, whether the bond between you is loose because of frequent debates, or because of other things. If indeed because of this, make sure you and your partner have communication to resolve the problem. Also, try trying to say 'yes' when he invites sex, even though your mood says 'no'. You and your partner may still have an orgasm. Many benefits include mental and physical health from orgasm.

If you still feel unsure, try it as a start by hugging it for 10 minutes. Cuddling can release the hormone oxytocin, and reduce stress hormones.

7. Make pair as second priority

You may be focused on achieving other goals and targets, but that doesn't mean you make your partner the last priority, and forget about your plans. Your partner also has dreams, all you need to do is to support them. When the family is in the top priority, it means the work is also above, because you need money to achieve family dreams. Priority balance may not be achieved, but what you are important to do is not to forget your partner in your plans.


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