7 Foods That Make Your Fart Smell

7 Foods That Make Your Fart Smell

7 Foods That Make Your Fart Smell


Have you ever been chatting with some friends, suddenly a foul smell passed, and you blamed each other who farted? Some of you have experienced it. The question is, why can someone's fart smell so bad? What makes farts smell?

Farting is the best thing if it is removed from the human body, if humans don't fart you will definitely feel pain or discomfort in your stomach. Farting is caused by the content of hydrogen sulfide (sulfur) and mercaptan. Both of these compounds contain sulfur (sulfur). The more sulfur and mercaptan content produced by bacteria in the stomach, the more foul-smelling your fart will be.

Many factors influence why a person's fart can smell very unpleasant, one of which is the intake of food. Come see the food that makes fart smell.

1. Pulses

Nuts contain sugar which is difficult for the body to digest, such as raffinose, stachiose, verbakosa. When it reaches the intestine, the bacteria in the immediate intestine will spread and produce a foul odor in your fart.

2. Sweet potato

Sweet potato aka cassava contains several types of oligosaccharide sugars, namely stakiosa, rafinosa, and verbaskosa. Some types of oligosaccharides cannot be digested by our digestive system due to the absence of the galactosidase enzyme. So, if we consume sweet potatoes, it will be digested by bacteria in the lower intestine. As a result, odorous compounds will be produced from the intestine

3. Broccoli

Eating broccoli is good, because it contains antioxidants and nutrients that are good for body health. However, broccoli contains a high composition of sulfur gas and sugar or raffinose which causes fart gas produced in the body to become smelly.

4. Cauliflower

The raffinose sugar found in cauliflower is indeed a food for bacteria in the large intestine. Well, bacteria in your intestines can also emit and increase gas which also contributes to a smelling smell on your fart.

5. Milk-based foods

The body sometimes cannot accept lactose bacteria contained in milk-based foods, such as cheese, liquid milk, yogurt, and others. If your body cannot digest lactose, the possibility of sulfur in the body will cause diarrhea, flatulence, and your fart to stink.

6. Beef

Beef contains enzymes that cause foul odors in the gas after being digested from the body. Beef is also rich in methionine, a type of sulfur which consists of amino acids. When the substance has passed through the digestive tract, it will produce a very strong fart odor. So, the gas released in your fart also smells bad.

7. Onion

Onions are known to contain high levels of fructose, which results in dirty digestive feces and results in a bad smell in your fart smell. Onions turn out to be rich in fructan content which can trigger problems like flatulence, irritable bowel syndrome which is dangerous for the large intestine, to trigger farting smells, bad breath, to the smell of unpleasant sweat.


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