7 Amazing Benefits of Yoga for Helping Child Autism Growth

7 Amazing Benefits of Yoga for Helping Child Autism Growth

7 Amazing Benefits of Yoga for Helping Child Autism Growth


7 Amazing Benefits of Yoga for Helping Child Autism Growth

Parents of children with autism are always looking for ways to develop children's brain abilities. Besides taking various therapies, there seems to be a new technique that you can teach your baby to help develop, namely yoga. Currently there are many emerging therapies specifically for autism that teach yoga for children. Come on, get to know more about the benefits of yoga for children with autism below.

Benefits of yoga for children with autism

Several studies have shown that yoga is beneficial for children with autism, including:

1. Improve sensory integration capabilities

Yoga can enhance sensory integration skills so that it is useful to train stimuli or stimuli in children with autism. Sensory integration itself is the brain's ability to read and translate various stimuli from the five senses, namely vision, smell, touch, hearing, and taste.

In children with autism, impaired sensory integration causes children to have difficulty interpreting the sensory stimuli they receive. Through yoga poses, children will learn to recognize and interpret various types of sensory stimuli.

2. Improve language skills and social communication

Various yoga poses for children with autism are actually structured and flowing movements as a whole. This can help increase brain integration capabilities so that children can learn to speak more structured and natural.

3. Positive impact on mental health

Children with autism are more susceptible to anxiety and depression. Well, breathing training or pranayama and meditation in yoga help psychological problems. This is because breathing techniques can make children feel more calm and focused.

In addition, yoga for children with autism is also good for increasing sensitivity to the surrounding environment while strengthening children's memory.

4. Improve motor movement ability

Many children with autism experience fine and coarse motor disorders simultaneously. The part of the brain that experiences the most severe disorders is the cerebellum and the parts associated with it. The cerebellum is a part of the brain that regulates posture, balance and coordination of movements.

Well, yoga for children with autism can alleviate these problems. Because, various yoga poses will make children more sensitive and alert to their own body and the function of each member of the body such as muscles and bones.

In addition, yoga is a type of exercise that emphasizes body balance and coordination. So, children will be increasingly trained to maintain good balance and posture while controlling every body movement with full awareness.

5. Reduces symptoms of digestive disorders

The most common digestive disorders in children with autism are chronic constipation, diarrhea, abdominal pain, bloody bowel movements, vomiting and flatulence or fatigue. Indigestion is caused by inflammation of the digestive tract, irritable bowel syndrome (IBS), and other digestive disorders.

Well, in yoga for children with autism there is a pavana mukthasana set or for the release of digestive gases. This movement is very helpful for the release of trapped gases which increases digestive ability.

6. Reduces hyperactivity

By doing dynamic movements and using considerable energy while practicing yoga, children can control their movements and activities better.

7. Overcoming sleep disorders

Children with autism are very difficult to maintain a healthy sleep pattern. Even if the sleep is disrupted, the impact on behavior and activities throughout the day is felt. Children can be very aggressive, making it difficult for parents to guide their children.

Children who do yoga regularly will be able to cope with stress so they can sleep better. In addition, the child's body will also feel more relaxed so that it is easy to sleep at night.

So is yoga really for children with autism beneficial?

The main cause of symptoms that occur in children with autism is the occurrence of brain abnormalities either in structure or number of cells that exist. Practicing yoga regularly can improve the ability of the brain and body so that children become more calm and can control their own behavior. This will make it easier for parents and caregivers to guide children with autism.

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