6 Tips for Intimate Relationships for Aged Men

6 Tips for Intimate Relationships for Aged Men

6 Tips for Intimate Relationships for Aged Men


6 Tips for Intimate Relationships for Aged Men

As you get older, sex is no longer the same as when you were young. There are many changes that occur, both physically and mentally. However, that does not prevent you and your partner from being able to enjoy satisfaction like when you were young. Many elderly people (elderly) who continue to be able to enjoy their sexual lives up to the age of 80s and so on. Having sex when old can maintain your intimacy with your partner.

What changes occur when a man gets older?

As we get older, testosterone levels will decrease and changes in sexual function usually occur. An unhealthy lifestyle can also contribute to age-related sexual changes. This change can show its characteristics slowly or even just come as a surprise. Physical changes reported by the Mayo Clinic health site include:

  • Orgasm becomes shorter.
  • Less strong ejaculation and less semen.
  • It takes longer to reach an erection.
  • Difficulty in maintaining an erection.

You may feel a little worried about this change, but remember this change is not the end of sexual pleasure. Adapting to changes that occur in the body can help you maintain an old sex life to stay healthy and satisfying.

Tips for having sex for men aged

Sex and intimacy are valuable parts of your life. One way to achieve this intimacy is to have sex. Having sex when you are old will still be fun provided you know how to work around it. Don't be afraid of changes in yourself. Here are some tips for keeping your sex life healthy and enjoyable in old age:

1. Speaking from heart to heart in pairs

Good sex depends on open communication from your partner. As you and your partner get older, everything will change, including sexual life. This change certainly requires understanding and patience from both parties.

By maintaining communication by speaking openly and from the heart to the heart, then intimacy is also maintained. That way you and your partner will be able to adjust to the changes that occur without debate that can trigger conflict.

2. Maintain health conditions and adopt a healthy lifestyle

Health conditions such as high blood pressure (hypertension), diabetes, heart disease, and certain chronic diseases can make it difficult for you and your partner to get a healthy sex life. By doing a healthy lifestyle, you automatically reduce the negative impact that might occur on your sex life.

Avoiding alcohol and cigarettes can be one of the best ways to maintain a healthy body that will have an impact on your sex life. Alcohol and cigarettes can hinder a person's ability to achieve an erection. Both of these substances change the blood flow in your body and can limit the amount of blood entering the penis. This is what causes the inability of men to experience erections, it is difficult to maintain an erection or erection that is not as strong as usual.

In addition, it is important for you to eat healthy foods and maintain body weight so that obesity does not occur. Being overweight puts pressure on your body which can cause a variety of health problems that ultimately disrupt normal sex life. By eating healthy foods and losing excess weight you can prevent sexual problems.

6 Tips for Intimate Relationships for Aged Men

3. Experiment with sex time and position

Sometimes changing sex time and position can alleviate sexual problems. You can adjust this to your health condition. Take note, does your health problem decrease in the morning or evening? So you and your partner can have sex when the pain in your body is not recurring.

Changing sexual positions can also help reduce pain during sexual intercourse, especially those associated with arthritis. So, having sex while old still feels good.

4. Try to stay sexually active

The intensity of routine sex can improve your sexual performance. It even helps you to live longer. Reducing sex or not even having sex at all for a long time will make you more sexually difficult later. For that, don't let physical and hormonal changes prevent you and your partner from having sex.

5. Manage your emotions in the face of changes in sexual function

As you get older, you definitely experience certain changes in sexual function. If this change occurs, don't panic. Instead, consider them to be a problem that must be solved. If you react emotionally to this problem, you can make it worse.

6. Having sex safely

All sexually active people must pay attention to their sex, whether it's done safely or not. Sexually transmitted diseases and HIV are increasing in older adults. You cannot assume that your sex and partner are risk-free just because you and your partner are getting older.

Actually, as your sexual partner gets older, then his sexual history becomes more numerous. For that, keep doing safe sex so that you and your partner avoid the risk of sexually transmitted diseases.

Keep in mind that as you get older, it is only natural that there are many changes in your and your partner's sexual abilities and needs. You still need to be open to finding new ways to enjoy sex when you are old.

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