6 Things You Will Teach in Prenatal Classes

6 Things You Will Teach in Prenatal Classes

6 Things You Will Teach in Prenatal Classes


6 Things You Will Teach in Prenatal Classes

One attempt to maximize health during pregnancy, usually you will be encouraged to take prenatal classes. Want to know what things pregnant women should receive in prenatal classes? Continue reading this article.

What things will be taught in the prenatal class?

1. Change your mindset

This class will change the mindset about childbirth that you might have thought was a scary and complaining thing, because some of you have been 'exposed' to the notion that giving birth is sick and creepy, a pleasant thing and a blessing from creator.

2. Teach you how to talk to babies in the womb

Prenatal classes will also teach communication with babies in the womb. Even though it looks trivial, many of the prospective mothers and fathers in their pregnancy never greet their babies. In fact, bonding or bonding between parents and children is fostered from the womb.

3. Tell you about pregnancy and baby health problems

In this class, you will be taught several things to do during pregnancy with mental and physical health benefits for mother and baby. For example, it teaches relaxation of pregnancy or hypnobirthing, exercise during pregnancy, knowledge of nutrition during pregnancy and what can and cannot be done during pregnancy. You are only given 9 months of pregnancy to meet your little one, for that you have to prepare it better.

4. Teaches signs of labor

This point is important to give, because many of you don't know the signs of childbirth, especially for those of you who are giving birth for the first time. Signs of labor that the family must know include:

  • The discharge of mucus or white mucus without blood spots, this is the first sign of labor, meaning the birth canal plug has been released.
  • The discharge of blood spots mixed with mucus, meaning that there has been thinning and opening of the birth canal. You are expected to come to the midwife or hospital clinic for further examination.
  • Regular and 5-1-1 pattern of uterine contractions. Come every five minutes, once the uterine contractions come running for approximately one minute and have been seen for one hour the results are regular and the same.
  • Amniotic fluid. Suddenly there is water coming out through the vagina, it can be clear and colorless, meaning clear amniotic fluid. Can be yellow like orange ice means a little cloudy or thick green like avocado juice means that the amniotic fluid is very cloudy and gives the knowledge that the baby is experiencing stress in the uterus so that excretion

5. Reminds about preparation for childbirth

Prenatal classes will also teach you what to prepare, such as tools, clothes and other equipment if your labor has begun to close. For example, preparing baby clothes, your clothes, food or drinks that you like to help you relax during labor, bring a labor ball, hot and cold packs, rebozo shawls, and so on. All of this you can pack in one bag or commonly called hospital bag essential.

6. Teach your husband to be ready and alert

Prenatal classes do not only involve you, but also involve the prospective father. This class will teach a technical comfort measure for husbands as labor assistants. This is so that husbands are more prepared and alert to your needs during labor so that you feel fully supported with love during the delivery process.

Your husband can do labor dance, end massage, rebozo sifting, eye contact, hugs during the maternity process, and guide relaxation so you always relax in the labor process so that the labor hormone comes out more smoothly. This point is important as a way to 'make peace' with pain during childbirth. So, couples can have more mature plans in preparing for labor.

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