6 Things You Can Unknowingly Cause Eyelashes to Fall Out

6 Things You Can Unknowingly Cause Eyelashes to Fall Out

6 Things You Can Unknowingly Cause Eyelashes to Fall Out


6 Things You Can Unknowingly Cause Eyelashes to Fall Out

If the eye is a mental window, it feels right if the eyelashes are said to be the curtain. The length of the eyelashes helps build the character of your face. However, what does it mean if the eyelashes fall out? Some causes may be trivial, but some require special medical attention. Whatever causes your eyelashes to fall out, of course this can make you feel inferior. Is there a way to work around this?

Various causes of eyelash loss

1. Use of mascara

The use of mascara can indeed make the lashes look thicker and tighter. However, this can actually be the reason why your eyelashes often fall out. Especially if you like using waterproof mascara. Because the waterproof mascara contains chemicals that cause eyelashes to become stiffer. Ink mascara that sticks tightly and makes stiff lashes make you need more energy to eliminate it. This risks making eyelashes more prone to fall.

In addition, in some cases, there are people who are allergic to certain mascara products. This then makes the eyelashes fall out and eventually thin out.

2. The habit of rubbing eyes

Without realizing it, the habit of rubbing your eyes actually makes the lashes fall one by one. So, try not to rub the eyes too hard. Not only make eyelashes fall out, but also not good for your eye health. The hands you use to rub may be filled with bacteria and parasites that can cause the eyes to become infected.

3. Using eyelash curler

Many women use eyelash curler to further beautify the final appearance of their eye makeup. However, without you realizing it, the use of these special tongs makes your eyelashes easy to fall off. Especially if you use mascara. Eyelashes become more sticky and eventually when clamped, the hair will stick to the clamp surface. Eyelashes fall out.

4. Inflammation of the eyelids

Inflammation or infection that occurs in the eyelid is called blefaritis. Usually, this condition is caused by a germ infection, injury, or allergic reaction. One of the effects caused when inflammation of the eyelids occurs is the fall of eyelashes. If this is accompanied by pain in the eye area, then you should immediately see a doctor.

6 Things You Can Unknowingly Cause Eyelashes to Fall Out

5. Alopecia

If you feel lashes continue to fall out and it's hard to grow, maybe you have an autoimmune disease called alopecia. Alopecia is usually characterized by hair loss that can cause baldness, but eyelashes, eyebrows and fine hair on other parts of the body can also be affected.

If this really happens to you, you should immediately see a doctor.

6. Currently undergoing chemotherapy

Don't be surprised if when you undergo chemotherapy, all your hair and hair fall out. Yes, including your eyelashes. Although these side effects depend on the type and dosage of the drug, but generally chemotherapy can make some of your eyelashes fall out.

However, don't worry. After your cancer treatment is over, your eyelashes will grow back to normal as before.

Even if the eyelashes fall out, you can make growth faster

Actually, eyelashes are just like your hair that can grow long. The average adult has upper lashes around 100-150 feathers, but with different lengths. Meanwhile, eyelash growth requires around 5-11 months. Do you want to accelerate the growth of eyelashes? Here are tips that you can do:

  • Eat healthy foods. Some nutrients that can help eyelash growth such as protein, biotin, vitamin B3, iron, and various kinds of minerals.
  • Use an eyelash-fertilizing serum. At present there are many eyelash fertilization products that are packaged like mascara, but make sure that the product you use is safe.

How do you prevent your eyelashes from falling out again?

For your eyelashes to not fall out later, you should do the following tips:

  • Use new mascara, this is to avoid allergic lashes.
  • Be careful when cleaning makeup, especially in the eyes.
  • Don't forget to clean your makeup before you rest.
  • Don't use eyelash curler too often.
  • Remove false eyelashes or extensions slowly.

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