6 Comfortable Sex Positions for Fat Bodies

6 Comfortable Sex Positions for Fat Bodies

6 Comfortable Sex Positions for Fat Bodies


6 Comfortable Sex Positions for Fat Bodies

For most couples who have a fat posture, choosing the right sex position is the most common problem. In fact, there are various ways to enjoy sex even though you and your partner have a fat body. Curious? Read on to find out sex positions for obese people in this article.

Sex positions for obese people

Excessive weight often makes it difficult for couples to try the sex position they want. So, many obese couples claim they are not satisfied enough with their sexual relationships.

Well, if you are one of the men or women who are overweight and have problems with sexual intercourse, don't worry. Here are some of the best sex positions for obese couples recommended by sex experts.

1. Doggy style

When doing this position, a fat stomach will not be a problem. With the right position and proportional time, this sex style is very comfortable for obese women.

The way is, the woman takes a push-up position with her legs bent. While men penetrate from behind in a kneeling position. This position will allow the female G-spot to open wide to reach the penis. So that makes your partner easily reach orgasm. However, one thing that must be considered, do not be too long to do the doggy style position when making love. Because, it will make your hands cramp.

2. Women on top

The position of this one is already familiar to couples who really like trying various positions. As the name suggests, this position will make a woman in control during a hot session. This position is done by placing a woman in a man's body bag. The trick, women sit slowly in the male groin. Right around the penis while opening his knees. Before starting penetration, do foreplay first by kissing your partner's intimate affection while occasionally teasing her.

After feeling stimulating enough, do penetration slowly. In order to add climax, give a special signal to the couple so that both hands play the neck to the part of your breast.

3. Reverse cowgirl cushion

For some people, this reverse cowgirl position provides more powerful penetration for fat men. This position is done with men who sleep on their backs. Then the woman is above her with her back to the man.

In this position penetration can be done even if a man or woman has a distended stomach or is overweight. If you want to add sensation, a man can use a pillow to support his head so that it is slightly raised and look at the curve of his partner's sexy body which is right in front of him more clearly.

4. Standing pretzel

At first glance, if seen from the name, it might need a lot of energy when having sex with this position. However, this position can make your partner more hot to explore the sensual points on your body and body.

The way is to position your body to hold your knees slowly, give your partner a signal to lift one leg and place it right above your shoulder. Then, let the couple penetrate slowly. Don't forget to provide stimulation in the sensual part of your partner.

5. The elevated starfish

This one style of love is not much different from doggy style. This oosisi invites you to turn your back on your partner. It's just that you don't need to hold your body with both hands on the bed or on the sofa.

Let the body fall while the arms are stretched out. Then, let your partner penetrate from behind. In order to get hotter, you can give a sign to your partner so that by occasionally tucking both hands together to play your breasts. Let it blow thin air on the nape of the neck or behind your ears.

Besides these positions, actually fat men or fat couples can still do other positions such as missionary and so on. But if what you want is an unusual position that can make you feel different sensations and pleasures, there's nothing wrong with trying those 'hot' positions.

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