6 Benefits of Sago for Health: From Fever Medication to High Blood Pressure

6 Benefits of Sago for Health: From Fever Medication to High Blood Pressure

6 Benefits of Sago for Health: From Fever Medication to High Blood Pressure


6 Benefits of Sago for Health: From Fever Medication to High Blood Pressure

At present, around 30 percent of the people of Maluku and Papua still use sago as a staple food in their daily menu. Sago can be processed in various forms, ranging from flour, sugar, and even sago rice. As one of the staple foods of the people in Indonesia, sago does have good nutrition for the body. So don't be surprised if the benefits of sago for health are very abundant. See the full explanation below.

Nutrient content in sago

The highest nutrient content in sago is pure carbohydrates. Carbohydrates are included in the category of macronutrients that the body needs in large quantities for energy ingredients and brain function. As a benchmark, in 100 grams of sago there are:

  • 86 grams of carbohydrate
  • 1 gram of fiber
  • 0.5 gram of protein
  • 350 calories
  • 3 milligrams of sodium
  • 5 milligrams of potassium
  • 0.2 grams of total fat
  • 0.1 gram saturated fat

Sago does not contain many vitamins and minerals, but even though a little sago still has some vitamins and minerals. Although classified as a food that is not low in calories and a good source of protein and fiber, the sago content contains very little saturated fat. Well, this proves that overall the nutrients in the sago are still relatively complete even though there are not many in number.

Benefits of sago for health

After knowing the nutritional content in sago, here are some benefits of sago for health that you should know.

1. Energy source

The high carbohydrate content in sago can be a very good alternative as a natural energy supplement in the body. Our body needs a lot of energy to relax after doing strenuous exercise.

Now, this sago can help you replenish lost energy. It is known that sago can increase natural glucosamine production in the body which can improve overall joint movement and recovery of surrounding muscles.

2. Prevent high blood pressure

Since ancient times tapioca roots have been used to cure stress, hypertension, and play an important role in natural treatments for cardiovascular problems. 100 grams of sago contains about five milligrams of potassium. The potassium content in sago is believed to improve blood circulation and the entire cardiovascular system. So it's not surprising, if sago is one of the famous treatments for hypertension problems.

3. Streamlining the digestive system

Sago also helps in improving the entire digestive system. Since long ago, sago was used to cure various digestive ailments such as bloating, constipation, stomach acid, stomach ulcers, and other digestive disorders.

Sago increases the production of digestive enzymes and overall bowel movements by protecting the intestines from drying out. That is why sago is usually prescribed for patients with gastroenteritis or vomiting, because it can provide a calming effect and cool the stomach from pain.

4. Improve bone and joint health

Sago contains calcium, iron and other minerals that help repair bones and joints. In addition, sago increases glucosamine production, which affects bone density, flexibility and joint movement. This increased glucosamine level will increase the production of synovial fluid found in small amounts between joint sheaths and tendon sheaths so that it functions for flexibility of joint movements.

5. Keep your body temperature cool

Sago can actually help relieve heat due to excessive fever from the body. Usually when you take antibiotics, the side effects of the body will result in excessive heat production.

Now, to effectively reduce body heat, you can eat sago. Because the sago has a cooling effect that calms the body by controlling the excess production of bile. Even according to "The New Oxford Book of Food Plants," traditional Indian medicine uses sago mixed with rice to help cool the body. Therefore, sago can function as an herbal medicine to treat diseases due to overheating in the body such as fever.

6. Natural face mask

In Indonesia, the benefits of sago for beauty can no longer be doubted. Many beauty products have always made sago as a powder and face mask. In fact sago can indeed work as a very good skin exfoliator. You can make a face mask using sago flour or sago in the form of pearls mixed with a few drops of milk to make a thick paste. Aside from being a natural exfoliator, sago can also help speed healing of scars and smooth the skin.

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