6 Amazing Facts About the Butt of Humans You Never Suspected Before

6 Amazing Facts About the Butt of Humans You Never Suspected Before

6 Amazing Facts About the Butt of Humans You Never Suspected Before


Basically, the human butt serves as a cushion for the tailbone, which is the bone that supports you when sitting. In addition, the buttocks are also an ideal place to store fat reserves. Well, beyond its unique function for the human body, there are still various interesting facts about buttocks that you should know. Just take a look at the information below.

1. People with big butts can be healthier

You who have a big ass should feel more confident. This is because according to a study from the University of Oxford and Churchill Hospital in England, people with large buttocks actually have lower cholesterol levels.

They also tend to produce more hormones that function to maintain the balance of sugar levels in the blood.

According to experts, a large butt can indeed indicate that the fat storage system in your body is working well. Because the fat stored in the lower body is usually more stable than the fat stored in body parts. This is why people who store a lot of fat in the buttocks are generally healthier than those who store fat in the stomach.

2. Women tend to have bigger butts

A number of studies have shown that a woman's size or buttock is usually larger than a man's. The cause is unknown.

However, experts suspect that this phenomenon is caused by high levels of the hormone estrogen in a woman's body. Estrogen is strongly suspected to influence how and where fat is stored in your body.

3. Function of hair on human buttocks

There are two strong theories that can explain the reason that human buttocks can be covered with fine hair. The first is that this hair serves to protect both sides of your buttocks from skin friction when you walk or move.

The second theory suggests that hair that grows in the area of ​​the anus and buttocks can reduce the noise that appears when you throw away the wind (fart). However, until now the function of the hair on the buttocks and anus of humans is still being studied by experts.

4. The muscles in the buttocks are the largest collection of muscles in the human body

Don't get me wrong, the biggest muscle in the human body is not in the arm or leg. It is precisely the collection of muscles called the gluteus that is in your buttocks that becomes the champion. This collection of muscles is responsible for supporting your body when you wake up, sit, go up stairs, walk, or squat every day.

5. On average, humans throw away this much wind in a day

Guess what number of times do humans waste the wind in a day? Apparently, healthy people will throw away wind as much as 14 to 23 times every day. This is normal because in your body there is indeed a large amount of gas.

Now, if you have a hard time getting rid of the wind or just throwing too much wind, it means something is wrong with your digestive system.

6. The biggest human butt in history

A woman from the United States, Mikel Ruffinelli, was blamed for having the biggest butt in the world in 2013. According to the World Record Academy, Mikel's buttock circumference even reached two meters. Mikel is believed to have a rare condition called lipedema.

Lipedema is a disorder that causes fat in the body to gather at one or two specific points. For example on the buttocks or on the feet. This condition is different from obesity (overweight). The reason is, only certain body parts will enlarge disproportionately.

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