5 Ways to Overcome Nasal Congestion

5 Ways to Overcome Nasal Congestion

5 Ways to Overcome Nasal Congestion


Like an adult, the baby will also experience a cold that causes the baby's nose to become blocked. Even adults are not comfortable with this blocked nose, especially if it occurs in infants. For new parents, this will certainly cause anxiety and concern about handling it.

There are a number of ways to deal with a blocked baby nose, in a very simple way. Please refer to some ways to deal with the blocked baby nose below.

The cause of the baby's nose clogged

The baby's nose is blocked because the baby's immune system is still developing, and that makes it more susceptible to flu. In fact, babies will get the flu or runny nose around 4-10 times in the first year.

Flu viruses will be infected through people around them or with contaminated toys. Especially if the air is cold, the baby's nose will become drier and make the virus easier to enter. So there was a cold in the baby that would end with the baby's nose clogging.

How to deal with a blocked baby nose

1. Give a spray for nasal congestion in infants

The first step you can try to deal with a blocked baby nose is by giving a nasal spray to the baby. This nasal spray contains saline water which can remove clogged nose. This method is effective for babies who are less than 6 months old. You can buy this nasal spray at a trusted pharmacy or drug store.

2. Clean your baby's nose

Sometimes the baby's mucus or mucus will harden and become crust if not cleaned. In fact, parents are required to clean the baby's nose during flu and are fine to prevent nasal obstruction.

The way you can do this is by using a cotton bud, wet with warm water, then you can gouge out the hardened dirt to overcome the blocked nose of the baby. Gently pry and do this when the baby is asleep.

3. Steam the room

You can overcome a blocked baby's nose by using evaporation in the baby's room. Smoke and steam fog will remove dirt in the air which will cause the baby to catch the flu. In addition, evaporation in the baby's room will also provide a calm effect, so that the baby's sleep becomes more restful.

4. Pat the baby's back

A gentle pat on the baby's back will actually provide a calm sensation and can certainly overcome a blocked baby's nose. Lay it in your baby's position on his stomach, then pat gently. That way, the nasal mucus that is breathing will decrease and come out, so coughing or sneezing the baby will also be easier to get out.

5. Set sleep position

Place more pillows on the child's bed, so that the position of his head can be slightly tilted, or at least higher than his feet. In this way, baby mucus will be easier to get out of his nose. If your baby is more than 6 months old, give the liquid in the form of warm water so the baby is well hydrated. Don't forget to keep the baby's body warm.

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