5 Types of Popular Massage Today, Which Is Your Favorite?

5 Types of Popular Massage Today, Which Is Your Favorite?

5 Types of Popular Massage Today, Which Is Your Favorite?


Almost everyone likes to get a massage. Because the massage not only relieves aches and relaxes stiff muscles. Massage also provides its own sensation of calm and comfort. You need to know, it turns out that massage has many types. To understand it, recognize the following popular massage methods.

Various popular massage methods

5 Types of Popular Massage Today, Which Is Your Favorite?

Here are various ways and types of popular massages that you may not know.

1. Hot stone massage

This one massage is quite unique. Because massage is done not only by hand but also using stones. The stones used are usually basalt types that can maintain heat well. This warmed stone will be placed at a certain point of the body.

Therapists also usually do massage while holding stones. The warmth that comes from the stone can loosen the stiff muscles, making you much more relaxed. In addition, the benefits of this massage are to promote blood circulation, relieve stress, relax and cure pain.

2. Aromatherapy massage

Aromatherapy massage is one of the favorite massage methods for many people. Because this one massage uses essential oils that function to improve mood, reduce stress and anxiety, and reduce symptoms of depression.

The therapist will also use aromatherapy at the diffuser so that the room is filled with soothing smells. So, not only are the muscles pampered but also your sense of smell that will affect various nerves in the body.

3. Swedish massage

Swedish massage is a type of full body massage that is ideal for those of you who have just felt a massage, have muscles that are tense, and sensitive to touch.

This one massage method combines various movements such as effleurage (giving soft, slow, and long or no intermittent swabs), petrissage (movements such as kneading the dough), friction (squeezing or small circular movements), tapotement (tapping and hit the muscles), and vibration (sway and vibration).

4. Deep tissue massage

Deep tissue massage is a therapeutic massage (treatment) that serves to target the muscles that are injured, painful, tense, and other problems.

So that this one massage method will be very beneficial for those of you who experience chronic pain and injury that results in your mobility being disrupted. In fact, this massage can help reduce carpal tunnel syndrome and osteoarthritis.

5. Shiatsu massage

Shiatsu massage is the right choice if you want to relieve stress, pain, and muscle tension. This one massage can be applied throughout the body or certain body parts that require extra attention.

Usually, the therapist uses a combination of hands, palms and thumbs to massage certain points in your body.

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