5 Super Drinks That Can Overcome Symptoms of Dengue Fever (DHF)

5 Super Drinks That Can Overcome Symptoms of Dengue Fever (DHF)

5 Super Drinks That Can Overcome Symptoms of Dengue Fever (DHF)


5 Super Drinks That Can Overcome Symptoms of Dengue Fever (DHF)

In this rainy season, dengue hemorrhagic fever (DHF) is increasingly endemic. There is no cure for dengue. One thing that can be done is therapy to help reduce symptoms, for example by administering fluids. Here are a number of drinks that can help relieve the symptoms of dengue hemorrhagic fever.

Drinks that help alleviate the symptoms of dengue hemorrhagic fever (DHF)

Because of the presence of blood plasma leakage, it is important for DHF patients to continue to meet the body's fluid requirements so as not to fall into a state of hypotension or shock. Please note that giving water alone is not recommended by WHO. White water does not have enough electrolytes to replace the body's electrolytes lost together with plasma leakage. Then what fluids are recommended by WHO?

1. Isotonic liquid

The first drink suggested by WHO for patients with dengue fever (DD) or DHF is isotonic fluid. Isotonic drinks generally contain sodium or sodium of approximately 200 mg /250 ml of water.

Isotonic fluid is a good liquid consumed by people who are dehydrated. However, this isotonic liquid is not good if it is consumed too much by people who are not dehydrated because of high sugar content.

2. ORS

In addition to isotonic fluid, administration of electrolyte fluid in DD or DHF patients can be given through ORS. There are 2 kinds of ORS fluids with different composition according to WHO and UNICEF. The old ORS contains a higher osmolarity of 331 mmol /L, compared to the new ORS with an osmolarity of 245 mmol /L. For differences in the electrolyte content between old and new ORS is the new sodium ORS which is lower at 75 mEq /L, compared to the old ORS 90 mEq /L. For the potassium content is still the same between old ORS and new. The new ORS arrangement has the effect of reducing nausea and vomiting by up to 30% when compared to new ORS. So it is better to give ORS which is new compared to the old ORS. In addition to ORS, drug stores can also buy other branded electrolyte substitute drinks, with different electrolyte compositions.

3. Milk

In addition to general electrolyte drinks, WHO also recommends giving milk as a way to relieve symptoms of dengue hemorrhagic fever (DHF), rather than giving plain water. Milk contains electrolyte sodium 42 mg /100 grams, potassium 156 mg /100 grams, and also contains other electrolytes such as calcium, magnesium, phosphorus, and zinc which are also needed to carry out all bodily functions.

4. Fruit juice

Fruit juice is a good source of electrolytes for the body. Some fruits that contain high potassium or potassium; for example bananas, oranges, kiwi, and avocados. While fruits containing high sodium or sodium are tomatoes. And there are many more fruits that contain a lot of electrolytes, which are better to give to DHF sufferers than just plain water.

5. Rice or barley water

Giving fluids with rice water or barley water to treat the symptoms of dengue hemorrhagic fever (DD or DHF) can be done on the first 3 days of fever. In the critical phase, plasma leakage only lasts 2-3 days. After this critical phase, the plasma fluid that comes out into the third compartment will return to the blood vessels.

Beware, do not carelessly provide fluids for patients with dengue fever

It should be noted that there is a possibility of excess fluid in DHF patients. This can occur either because of excessive fluid therapy, or also because of the return of fluid from the third compartment to the blood vessel after the critical phase.

Signs of excess fluid that need to be considered are swollen eyelids, swollen abdomen, rapid breathing, and /or difficulty breathing. In this condition, administration of fluids needs to be stopped temporarily. Patients need to be closely monitored and get treatment by medical personnel.

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